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Tempting to do those a development on world news from the bbc votes of being counted in rwanda in a presidential election widely expected to result in a landslide victory for the incumbent polka gummy he's been in power for seventeen years the first results will be announced in the next few hours forces backing yemen's government have reportedly driven alqaeda out of the main cities of the southern province of shabwa yemen is in the grip of a civil war with more details he is alan johnston the yemeni troops pushed into shabwa province along with the force made up of local tribesmen and the united arab emirates says it submitted tree along with us forces by the advance local people say the militants didn't put up a fight they test melted away into the mountains the main cities of the province of now said to be under government control for the first time in years and the shabwa region knees economically important is the site of significant oil and gas reserves a foam a top aide to the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has agreed to testify in corruption cases in which mr netanyahu has been questioned ari heroux is expected to give evidence to to investigations one of which concerns allegations that the prime minister received gifts from businessmen mr netanyahu denies any wrongdoing bird analysts following the cases say mr herrero's agreement testify could mark a significant turningpoint britain's mo farah has won the first event of the world athletics championships in london the men's ten thousand meters farah who will switch to.

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