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With on ninety five north bound everyone in Danvers not bad getting by I'm Dave Gardner in the W. RKO traffic center now W. RKO weather channel forecast you are ready for a break from the there were going to dry up by the afternoon it's still cloudy it's still kind of chilly for this time of year with temperatures around thirty six overnight we cool down into the mid twenties tomorrow's a cloudy day warms up just a little bit forty the high Thursday we've got some sunshine temperatures of forty one and then by Friday more snow showers show up in the afternoon nothing like the winter storm Ezekiel that brought us the snow toward the end of our holiday weekend but some scattered light snow on Friday I'm meteorologist Jerry Smith from the weather channel on the voice of Boston AM six eighty W. R. K. out make your home area writer by shopping cyber deals at Lowes dot com the holiday decor and more like twenty five percent off artificial Christmas trees choose from a variety of sizes tree species and colors to suit your home with style you can also pick up a holiday living one hundred count clear or multi color many like set for just two dollars twenty nine cents and while you're shopping check off your gift list by picking up a Lowe's gift card to the cyber deals more do it right for less start with low office probably twelve for supplies last three offers from special order indoor outdoor bottom for street U. get your kitchen holiday ready with big savings on small appliances from home depot dot com enjoy up to forty percent off stand mixers toaster ovens.

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