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James Whitey Bolger was killed in a West Virginia prison a day after he was transferred there. Now, it has the California connection because this Boston mobster was caught in Santa Monica in two thousand eleven trial was convicted for numerous murders and ended up being sentenced for the rest of his life. Eight lived in Santa Monica for years years walked around out in the open wasn't trying to disguise himself wasn't trying to hide it. Just looked like an old man shuffling around the the promenade there eighty nine years old and the headline in the Daily Mail this afternoon revealed murdered wheelchair-bound mob boss, Whitey Bolger. Eighty nine was wheeled away from security cameras by three inmates with mafia ties before they beat him to death with a lock in a sock and tried to gadgets is out. Well. Murderer. It's vicious. He killed at least eleven people. Yeah. He personally killed some of the writing just ordered them killed. Yes. He was convicted of killing at least eleven people serving two life sentences at the time of his death. And of course, he ended up being an FBI informant. Maybe as far back as nineteen seventy five. I mean, this guy's old. It was a mobster for decades before an all caught up with him. And he went on the run ended up in Santa Monica. They think other other mobsters did him in. Oh, wow. That's like right out of the movie stock and gouging out. The is that's a mobster killing. Yeah. I mean that somehow they got access to them in wheeled him away. From the surveillance cameras worked him over. I bet you the guards got paid off. Oh, you think. Take somebody got an ice bucket full of cash there had to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back. So you even other news outlets reporting that a fellow inmate with mafia ties is under investigation in the slaying. And this is a prison in in West Virginia. And supposedly has a lot of problems already with security. Now, there's a former FBI agent I'd forgotten this John Connolly junior who use Bolger as an informant. He was convicted of racketeering in two thousand and two for protecting boulder investigations and served a ten year prison sentence. Ooh. Did you see it? Tried to gadgets is out with a Shiv. Yeah. It was a picture. Oh, there's no there's no picture. The gaps doubt. Is they would pay a lot for that picture. Yeah. Yeah. They ship is like a little prison made knife. Yeah. Sort of strike J down you kind of shave it down and make a sharp or shoved it in his eyeballs. Oh, that's it. Reports that he was still acting as an informant that that maybe that's why they said, well, we get a chance we gotta kill him because he's still telling stories. Yeah. That'll get your ship in the eyeballs if you're still rat other mobsters. God shut up. Stay quiet. Well, he's he's psycho. I mean, he was crazy cycle. He was he got transferred because he was threatening staff member at the last prison he present. I also Florida he may have been transferred and transferred a couple of times because he was getting too close to his prison psychologist woman, and they had some questions about their relationship. Nine. Left in them, by the way, he had a girlfriend Catherine Greg who got eight years in federal president twenty twelve for density fraud and helping him avoid capture. Yeah, he used to walk around with her over Santa Monica. Yeah. They were just this little old couple. They Charlie and Carol Glasgow in Santa Monica or Gasco was there named GS KO. Yeah. By the way. Yeah. Bolger said that was a sixteen year honeymoon with her living in Santa Monica. That's how long they got away with it. And do you know, you probably don't remember this. But his brother William is was actually president of the Massachusetts Senate and headed to the university of Massachusetts. But he had to resign in three because he admitted to a congressional committee. He had spoken to Whitey Whitey was on the run, although he denied specifically where he was or any criminal activity. I did talk to him. Was on the run. And of course, Bolger is always denied being an informant even as he insisted he had an immunity deal with the former head of the Justice Department's organized crime strike task force in New England. I guess nobody believed that the brother knew nothing. Yeah. No. I think so you get you get bounced out because you pick up the phone, and he was portrayed in movies. It's right to departed Jack Nicholson played them, and then Johnny Depp. And black mass was just came out a few years ago twenty-fifty he's he was so violent so psychotic. But those guys have a charisma about them, they they're fascinating to people. Oh, yeah. No. I know I know that's probably made some friends in these presents. Although it looks like this was a hit, and they were just waiting to get to the right place, which because he had just been transferred to this prison in West Virginia. See the reason he got away with a lot of murders. Is he was an FBI informant. Going back to nineteen seventy five say he was he was an informant for over forty years. And so he had this deal with the FBI and that allowed him to kill. I guess other mobsters they weren't going to do anything about it. Because he was giving them so much. Rich information. Yeah. Yeah. He was sixteen years on the run before they nabbed him in June of twenty eleven should they knew he was in Santa Monica. The whole time. You think so? Yeah. And then then maybe a new boss came man and got wind of it and said, what are we doing here? He's sixteen years. A guy like him living out in the open when he was deemed most notorious gangster in in the Boston area. I just find it hard to believe that the F B I really new idea wasn't disguising himself in any way, that's hard to believe any and he was still involved. Melon all caught up with them this morning. Yeah. Something called Hazelton in West Virginia penitentiary Hazelton, which I read also there have been some other murders there, and it's apparently considered to be one of the roughest federal prisons in the system, and there's real there's guards at work there. They claim it's just not maintained that well lock in a sock to the head ship in the eye. Yeah. That's it. Sending a message there. Don't you tell when we come back? It's also big news today. President Trump goes on an HBO show beats me, and he's talking about signing an executive order to end birthright citizenship, we'll play some of the audio and talk about it. After the news. John and Ken KFI. Debra.

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