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So I can understand why you in in your immediate experience Howie impacted you at school because. You know these events, they all generational events and effectively are inculcated into a mindset into the way we eat into the products we consume into the culture and the music we have. So it has a particular resonance that as we go through the generations that becomes less and less important. So the my children now. The Sycamore doesn't have the same level of imports as it would do for someone of your generation current. Absolutely right I remember. Nine hundred, ninety, four, I took my father and some other friends and family to the Normandy beaches. It was the fiftieth anniversary of d day and She talked about this in one of my other calls the Intel talk in this week's episode where I talked to my best friend Daniel Forrester American, and he came on the trip with his father tape and I remember one day would been to all the different war cemeteries, which if you've never been to them I mean, I can't describe to you how moving they are and. I said to my dad you know what? Tomorrow we're going to go to the German summitry. Bloody Jerry. Cemetery. I said Yeah we really are said we went and it was. It was one of those occasions when. How was my dad? Then a? Sixty, five, I suppose, but it was it was the first time when I felt that. I started thinking about my parents mortality and. I think it was the same for Daniel while we both felt the on that trip we took on the role of the parents and the parents became the children we were controlling where we went. I meant the my dad's sat in a restaurant in served up some French delicacy and he wouldn't touch us. You'll sit there until you eat it. To say exactly. But we walked around this German cemetery and odd never see my dad cry before. Because really the thing about wall is that nobody benefits except the people who are instigating the conflict I mean okay. Maybe that's not right. People benefiting in the wider context especially is hoses right but the people who are on the front line k the they invariably be all those people who. Who put their to to do the graph which is I need you need to go and take the life of somebody else's citizen and it's painful. You know why would why would anybody want to hurt anyone else let alone in those circumstances and you can see the humanity of the situation when you go and visit. Four word the people who were fighting against because they lost just as much as you. Remember also when I was home without being sixteen or seventeen, my second school exchange to Germany. It was a small spa town called butlering in Hessler..

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