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Percent, of our power windmills That's absurd Take Alex, is point and then we'll get to your. Phone calls everyone. Hanging on it's one hundred nineteen degrees. In India Nineteen degrees. And and Eric's doubt if El Centro Actually we. Just got record rainfall at one hundred nineteen degrees you got a record why that's a world record hottest place or hottest. Temperature with rainfall hundred. Nineteen while it was. Raining so that. Means. History El Centro imperial valley this just happened yeah was, it last month when you're out miles filled? In and that was. Rained and one hundred nineteen that's right We are talking about it because the warmest place in the world and the coldest place in. The world maybe not. An article maybe as. North America or. Something. Word like one hundred miles apart one hundred nineteen and, Central News thirty nine in like by Lake? Tahoe area Well we just resort to weird like. Uber facts while you're gonna say that we put that in the Neto category Okay so? Is. One, hundred nineteen degrees in India what's, better for the people of India a nice little coal power plant where okay gosh maybe in the next hundred years, the temperature will go up and it'll be one hundred twenty degrees in India or go from one nineteen to one but at least the people have houses and? Air, conditioning and it can be seventy inside or should we just do nothing and let everyone bacon one hundred nineteen Fossil fuel save lives Bob San Diego it's gonna about, how you, doing today Before we even get into these conversations I think the terms have to be defined because there's a lot. Of evidence this whole concept of whole terkel fossil fuels I've heard since the sixties and they've pounded into people's minds because I saw the false premise that's all there is only so many much living matter. And it turned into fossils in that depressed into oil so therefore there's a finite amount of oil and yet the Russians have found oil at twenty thousand, feet down and on top of that We've got oil. In the shale extraction and they're there's discovering new sites all the time so you know I think that's even more fundamental. Starting point love that no less I'm always down for defining terms I think that's excellent and analysis one of his speeches is about reframing the debate properly and not reacting to it you're so right this. Term fossil fuels by the way I thought I don't know why I didn't give out the Ben for the Dow dot com fossil fuels But. You know Source You, know like some road that way I don't know, why I, thought that I apologize Bob Don't Are there Well speaking of mosquito that's the, missing link, you, say drastic bark yourself. A cartoon Speedo com Okay. All right Bob So another, term for fossil fuels it's thrown around, are non renewable, energies, beautiful misnomer there. Bob you're completely right there's. So much faucet available it's you'll never going to. Run out of it we're never going to run out of it. For two hundred, years they've been saying we're. Going to run out we're never going to. Run out of it. Never ever ever ever never. Ever gonna run out so I didn't. Worry about that. Anymore but you're right the word fossil fuel, as a bad connotation we should. Think of something different I, don't know what though but. Should. We call. Instead I don't have a. Good word because the left. Way better this conservatives generally are right. They call it. Green energy I like reliable I think that's, what's cheap reliable and dependable cheap. Reliable and what was the, third term yet cheap reliable Cheap, reliable Always, cheap, reliable Transportable cheap, reliable Reliable though reliable energy because.

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