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$1 million guy. Like they don't overpay players here. They, as you said, they draft. I mean, they've got the secret sauce to draft them. They really do. I mean, as far as what they've been able to do in the past, as far as finding guys who are not projected in the mocks to go high and they don't care, you know, I've projected 45th. We're going to take them at 25. They also trade up just in case. Yeah, so I think that's the big thing. I think it's great. Last night, they Milwaukee by 30 41. That was a competitive game for zero seconds. The bucks did not care. The grizzlies punched them in the face, like the grizzlies. The grizzlies open every game by punching you in the face. And you have to decide, do we feel like playing tonight or not? And on a Thursday night on national TV, the bucks were like, yeah, we're good. We'll just lay down. I knew it was gonna be when Brooke started taking Lopez took like three threes like back to back to back and it was like, okay, I think this one's gonna get out of hand. It was only 14 8 at the time. And by the way, keep the NASA's attentive combo away from John morant and all other stars who like to fly in there because that dude, look, he's an NBA player. He's better at his thing than I will ever be at any of my things. But he's playing like a hybrid of football and rugby and basketball out there and he had a little thing with morant in midair last night where morant fell on the floor. Nothing happened. Keep him away. Yeah, I mean, I think so going back there. I'm sorry, I'm a little hyped up today, Bobby. You're going to get bang back, you're going to get Danny Green back. So the big question for them will be, do you trust that group of Fords come a Western Conference Finals? A Western Conference semifinals, like game 5 on the road, right? Where you're going to need the roddy Williams, aldama grouping there. And can you swap one of them out for more of an establishment player? Because I agree with you, man. This Western Conference is wide open for the taking. And that framing is true, but also undersells the grizzly. The grizzlies are just awesome. The west doesn't have to be wide open for them to have a chance at it. They're an awesome, awesome team. Yeah, I was in Wendy's calm that comes out Tuesday. I'm actually going to write some different, but I was thinking like, and I don't want to discredit what San Antonio has done, you know, prior to the last couple of years, as far as that great run, right? I mean, the championship Memphis hasn't won a championship here. But they started to remind me a little bit like San Antonio ish because of how they've drafted. They develop. They've stood injuries. They kind of plug and play. They know kind of guys that, you know, with that fit within their system here, you know, certainly a little bit, but they've drafting as far as how they built that this roster. Yeah, I mean, they got a little lucky jaw as far as moving up from where they worked. You know, at two. But I mean, Jaron Jackson, we can make all MBA defensive probably. I mean, you look in the box stores and I wrote today. He's missed 14 games. So he's only played like 12 or 13. He's not in the defensive player of the year conversation because of that. It's time to put him in now. I think he's been better than brook Lopez. When he's played, he just hasn't played. I think he's been maybe the best defensive player in the whole league this year when he's been on the floor. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, but I do think, yeah, you could say the window will be open, you know, we said that for bad Denver. I mean, a couple injuries here and there, but they're, you know, they're a good team here, but Denver, Denver, nobody's talking about Denver. No. They are the sweeping giant right now of the NBA. They're 17 and ten, they're third in the west, they're second and offense. Yo kitch is having an MVP level season again. There are 28th in defense, so they've got to figure out what the hell is going on there and who they should play and how much they need to play lineups with three of their good defenders on the floor instead of two. I'm going to do a Denver thing next week, so I don't want to belabor it now, but they're got no they haven't got nothing from Michael Porter junior. I mean, their backcourt their depth is bones and Christian Brown. Right? With Bruce Brown and the starting line who's played great. Anyway, I don't know why how we got there. Yeah, but they're not one of my 5. Picking up, get me Memphis, get me Kuzma to Memphis and I'll be happy 'cause Memphis is ready. Memphis is ready and roddy, big body roddy. Maybe he's ready. I don't know, maybe. I love those guys who play in the pre draft camp. Like he's one of those kids who played like the actual 5 on 5, not just going one on O. Like him, Jalen Williams, Santa Clara, Jalen Williams. He's good, man. Those guys played. We can't let these teams have two guys with the same name, even if it's spelled differently. This is going to be how many years it's going to be year 6 of big man jail and William. Anyway, pick your team for me. Atlanta. Oh, I'm so glad you brought up Atlanta. I'm watching the Orlando game the other night when they're down what was it like 54 28 and I texted it with a team and I said, this is a kind of game that gets a coach fired. And I don't think Nate was going to get fired, but that like that game. And I know you've got no Murray and Collins, but that you are a basically a. Luck, not a luck shot, but a tip in shot against the Chicago Bulls from being on a major league skid here here. Atlanta, man, they are funky. I mean, when you don't get good tray, man, I don't know what to say. They're there have not been good at all here. And that's a team that went when you go all in, basically in the Murray trade and trade away a lot of draft picks. I don't know what to tell you. I mean, you know, it would be good for them as Kevin herder. I mean, but that was a luxury tax dump to get out of the money there, but they are for me, I've got them circled as far as one of those teams. I mean, from certainly we're going to hear about John Collins. We're going to hear about the other Bogdanovich. We texted before the one guy you said, okay. Here it comes. Here it comes. He said, put a list together. Portray young. We're probably a year away. We are. We're 6 months, 7 months away from it. From the fake Trae Young trades becoming real podcast fodder, but this team funky is the right word. Funky is the right. I talked about them a little bit with verno last week. They were in New York last week for two games. Something is wrong with their team. I think multiple things at multiple levels are just fundamentally wrong with their team. And they're 14 and 15. Minus two per game point differential. That's just bad. Like you're just a bad team. At that point, differential. And they have talent. Murray and young, the numbers are okay together. The style, the eye test is not the do people love train with playing with Trae Young buzz, just never stops. Who's actually making the decisions here, stuff never stops. Why did we give up too much for digital Murray? I said the day of that trade. I think I had pelt on. I didn't like that trade for Atlanta. I thought that was too much for dejante Murray and too much to pair two guards together. And they haven't had Bogdanovich for a lot of the season. Capella is hurt. Now it's a big deal for them. Collins has been hurt despite the fact he's always on the trade block. He's a really good player. And that's a big deal for them. Something is just funky there. And you know, a lot of these teams I've mentioned this before that trade a boatload of picks, Minnesota being the prime example, I think, bet at some point, we can get those picks back

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