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So not only are you being pulled towards him. You're being pulled and then locked into position because the frame stop you from coming forward. But the pull is making you come forward. So he's locking you into position with this is very very and again, look at his muscles straining, right? Very very very very very strong position. So Khalil Roundtree looks like he tries to dig through and bump the elbow. This is better, although the high differentiation still makes it a problem and he's gonna push him back. Right. Let's get into the fence because you wanna get hip to hip. Okay. This is better. And he tries to go underneath the and by the way, people like how do you break, the Teich Lynch, folks, there's a million ways to break, the clinch one of the most obvious ways, you swim inside, and you re in new capture the inside space. There's all kinds of ways where you break the tie where you break it off, your you break, the collar here, there's different ways where you can reach undergrad, the elbow, and then turn and trip them, there's a million different ways. Usually, though, one of those ways involves grabbing the head did you notice Khalil Roundtree never grabs the head? He doesn't pull how Joan our head to head and are loving embrace. Did you did you notice that he never pulls the head down? So there's nothing keeping look at that. His head is completely untouched. The neck is completely untouched. So he's trying to dig up under here. And he can't right? He's getting turned now their head to head. But only because Johnny Walker wants it that way watch this. So you can see right here. Let me. Let me do this. Look right there. See this. Do it again. See that. Cluele Rowntree pummel inside pummel inside. So he could be the one doing inside control watch Johnny Walker. Does he collapsed the elbow inside throws the strike? And now, there's no more of him trying to inside because Khalil Rowntree's now putting it across his wastes. So he doesn't get drilled. Okay. Look at this. No one's ever touching. Head of that punch lands. The punching your way out of the clinch is going to be a lot of guys are good at ducking and rolling stuff inside of that space. So here he is again. So it looks like he's trying to Khalil trying to at least control this side. So that he doesn't get bombed on there. Let's see what happens. Joining walkers just rotating them over to now, he's rotating over where Rowntree's trying to get the hand inside. So he can establish inside control. Johnny Walker says fine, but boom, you're unobstructed. There. Look look at the space folks were asking why did it land? Why did it not land like how how on earth would it not land? There's nothing blocking. He standing straight up and perfect range. There's no mechanism bringing the head down. There's no mechanism getting them head to head. There's no mechanism effective enough. Anyway, to pummel in all those things are missing. So, of course it landed. Right. And that hurt him bad. And by the way, look at this..

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