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The doesn't come from the Orthodox in its some work into it so the task of our society is The type of wild spirits of the revolutionary spirits the red hot spirits the spirits are actually employed to combat and the refute. The type spiritual antagonism. We received from this local century type of invitation. So we use these spirits to basically create a transformation in the individual but also use them to guard our immediate spiritual and corporal. The senator against negative spiritual influences. So you know you know what I mean. So basically we used to guard our areas. We live so it's a very competitive type of what we do there. It's it's yeah it's it's basically a transformative work in which we tried to battle The spirit who tries to rule ourselves by invading our Metaphysical organism so we use those spirits at the at the secret society to combat this individuals. And then we combat it in our world a by then of course directing a lot of magical world against General at bursary we we see in the.

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