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Honest. Check it out. Okay abc dot com. Now let's get a quick check on your so called traffic. Did am 7 90 t. ABC, Right on your Alexa enabled devices? Just say Alexa enable the K A. B C A m skill. Okay, Here's the M 7 98 EC. Yeah. ABC. Dependable traffic right now. Lakeview Terrorism made direct multi car accident. 2 10 freeway. He spent it Osborn Street. Three left lanes have been shut down Traffic bumper to bumper very slow from the 1 18 Freeway interchange. And on the westbound side of the 2 10 in that area. Also very slow going. Now. Hambro 10 Freeway on the westbound side at the 7 10 Freeway Interchange of Crash right side of the freeway downtown 10 Freeway westbound in Alameda Street to stall number one lane blocked. That's left side of the freeway traffic extra slow from this 60 Freeway junction as dependable traffic. I'm Richard turning J. M 7 90 K. ABC did her time crunch try Michelangelo's wholesome Italian entrees like lasagna, eggplant parm, no preservatives, no artificial flavors. Say yes to delicious. Look for Michelangelo's green box in the freezer aisle of shop, Right, Wake, Fern, stop and shop kings and acne. Hey, it's Randi. Okay, I know some of you were in a car accident and you're feeling pain because you're still hurt. It's so important. Have a proper diagnosis to rule out any serious or life threatening injuries like traumatic brain injury, Including concussions, brain bleed spinal cord injuries, internal injuries and bleeding or fractures. All of this from an accident. That was not your fault, guys. You're not alone. My buddy Clark, Fielding of fielding law understands that you might be putting off medical treatment. But if you're experiencing pain don't foolishly..

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