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High crime junkies, I'm Ashley flowers, and I'm actually solo today. If you listened all the way to the end of last week's episode, you'll know that Britain and I planned to take this week off for Memorial Day. But I also know you guys need to fix. So I wanted to tell you a little mini story that I just came across to get you by until we're back next week. This is a story I had never heard of before until one of our listeners sent it to me. And the second I heard the chilling recorded phone call that was recently released in this still unsolved case, I knew I had to share it with you guys, because one of you out there just might hold the key information to a question that's baffled the FBI for over 45 years. What happened to Margaret Ellen Fox? In June of 1974, Margaret Fox had just graduated the 8th grade. Being the independent girl she was, the Philadelphia daily reported that she had big plans that summer to start working so that she could make her own money. I mean, you know how we all were when we got our first jobs, just wanting that little taste of financial freedom. The first small steps to adulthood. But being just 14, Margaret didn't have a lot of specific labor skills specifically. But her and her younger cousin Lin came up with an idea. They would place an ad in their local Burlington, New Jersey newspaper, offering in home babysitting services. They listed both their phone numbers and not long after publishing the ad, Lynn got a call from a man named John Marshall. He was looking to hire a babysitter for his 5 year old son at their home in mount Holly. Now, mount Holly, New Jersey is about 7 ish miles from Burlington, New Jersey. And according to Marissa Payne, who wrote for the Philadelphia inquirer, Lynn's parents weren't okay with her taking a job in a different town. I mean, she was younger after all. She'd have to take the bus there, and they just weren't comfortable with it. But Lynn knew that this was a too good to be true kind of gig. The guy was offering $40 a week for just four hours a day, and he said they had a swimming pool that they could use, and he'd even cover their bus fare to get there and back. She didn't want this opportunity to go by, so she passed along his information to Margaret, who was thrilled at the opportunity. Margaret made contact with mister Marshall on June 19th, and he asked her if she could start in two days on the 21st. He gave her specific instructions about what bus to take and where to meet him and his wife so they could take her to their home. Now, Margaret's parents were okay with the arrangement, so everything seemed great. But the next day, June 20th, mister Marshall called again. This time he even speaks with Margaret's dad. He tells him that his mother in law had just died, so there would be no need to have a babysitter come to their home the next day. Now, Margaret was bummed at this loss of a new job before she even got the chance to start it. But she was relieved when the man called back on the 21st, offering a second chance for work, starting Monday, June 24th. So on the morning of June 24th, Margaret set off for her first day on the job. She packed a swimsuit and carried her glasses with her and her 11 year old brother Joe walked her to the bus stop to see her off. Now, Margaret's parents asked her to call when she arrived, just so they knew she made it okay, but 9 o'clock came and went 9 30 ten. Her parents began to worry, but they tried to ease their own minds thinking, you know, maybe she just forgot, maybe she got there, you got a 5 year old kid, like she just jumped right into it. But they're worried only grew as the day slipped on..

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