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Is assemble right now as far as experience and guys were been there done that one won a championship and they struggled, and I'm talking about struggled against a against the east and you're talking about they went seven games with all the depot and nobody with the Pacers. They had went seven games. This is LeBron James against the Celtics with two stars missing, and it was a struggle now to coming out west. I just they could be a seventh, six, seven seed people have them as a three. The seat or four seat. I just don't see that right off the bat. I think every team out west will look at him as a challenge will be up for them game after game. After gangway, there will be no easy games where people go. All the Lakers are coming to town. This'll be a cakewalk. Listen, I'm not at all. You actually help make my point on the eagles by making my point on the Lakers. The thing that we can't account for is the fact that every team or every fan base and every team has that game circles. Like there's eighty two NBA games. Every game is not played at a high level, but when LeBron and the purple and gold come to town, it's played at a much higher level, right. Every seat is sold and there's, there's that they start out with a very difficult scheduling twelve the first fifteen games against playoff teams from last year. But the big thing is you can't account for what a team is going to be like, because they're gonna play above their level like now LeBron's going to lift up their level. And I do think that the young players are going to be better because it's not a static environment right band. Is going to be better. Josh hearts can be better. Lonzo is going to be better second year together. Third year in the league second year league, they're going to be better, and then you add in the broom hope. So Kwame Brown never got better this players who don't get better dug in their second year. Would you admit that? Yes, you're getting better. You're getting worse. Grinning. I'm going to get better at Tony, your soul. I think branding, I'm gonna get better, get worse. I would think he would get better, Josh heart gonna get better. I would think he was Lonzo sure about Lonzo ball. Okay. So the point is I think they're going to get better and I think LeBron will raise their level. I think their bench and LeBron fall down as he gets older father, tires, undefeated, everybody thinks LeBron is going to win. There's no, it's a great point that stopped made enough that LeBron James was not the same player defensively, he doesn't move, but he did. He played more games, but he wasn't as affective as active defensively gaming game out as he had been previously his career, but like you'd admit the Lakers bench this year coming into the year, you know, like, look Lance off the bed. Lance started, don't love lances bench player. Love Rondo off the bench. Love javale McGee starter bench love, especially considering he under. He's bringing that culture that you learned Ingold set. My point is I do think we don't account enough for how you're viewed how the level of attention to each game. That's the big thing with the eagles is they may be better, but everyone's going to be shooting for them because everybody's biggest game and. It's the same thing with the la-. No, I agree with that the eagles, but I just think that you have a driving force when it's a quarterback who played at that level last year. You remember he went through the NFL and he was clearly DMV. People got hurt in the final couple of games and it cost him, yes, it looked. Minnesota had a had case keenum as their quarterback and they lost elven cook. We Dallas Cowboys didn't have Zeke Elliott for six games last year that change the the New York Giants lost all their wide receiving corps. Their defense was fighting months and sells their head coach was a joke, like their division is legit..

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