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Hollywood though that i would go to other kathy calls and sharing office is with them he ruin my chances getting on star trek the motion picture he ruin my chances on getting a little logan's are on television series and i was into wilkins ron kuby how do i know you had any chance anyway well i had a chance because of the people i had worked with the foreign because the talent i am a talented accurate a voice artist and in this guy singlehandedly ruin my acting career which drove me to outside shows that i produce myself drove me more in this special effects of i've got about a hundred to thirty special effects credit but that doesn't change the fact that might passion of acting was completely destroyed by this guy because of the power that he had no sounds terrible but you chose a crazy prisons to go into anyway this is uh uh i mean it's a horrible thing it ugh awful but uh that this goes to show you goes on with all kinds of men women hey bill thanks for calling uh it's interesting now what did you say that this was from mayor atlanta oh alannah so he said atlanta let's go to alana alannah in minneapolis minnesota hail and how you doing i'm good how are you let me check not pet hey i will comment on gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie is coming out of there being abuse or whatever wind seem to them but he made a pass at the methods well yeah well they could have still says something they come from how hollywood elite with their family is you know they didn't have anything to fear for their career five i feel if their complicit in allowing that to go in and out of federal he probably are but this two things one maybe this goes on with a fifty people that they know and it's not that uncommon this within saying or they don't wanna get sued and be in court have to deal with this you know sometimes you a that happens is going to.

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