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So now he talked about that. John Jansen spoke about his fifteen years in the NFL. And if you had a chance to do it all over again. He recommend that every mother and grandmother and father in the room, you know, talk about the opportunity with their children about how they supported their decision to play. Don't make them play. But if they have a desired experience football don't be the one to hold them back, be the one to reach out and. Support that decision. She that's John Jansen one time total aside. Let's take the right hand turns on this podcast is we've been as we've been told at that John Jansen one time about his time when you're planning to Washington, and he had to brother goes to broken thumbs and a taped up both hands. They had them all tight. They couldn't move me was totally immobile that thumbs are out the hands. Whatever yet he didn't miss a start. And he didn't miss a game, the love of the game that he has. And how he went out there with his hands like that. And that's a lineman that we know you're not supposed to hold. But you can't lock in on the inside of the jersey, they do let you lock in. And that's pretty hard to do with broken thumbs and he's out there with broken thumb, broken hands. All immobilize and yet, never missed the play never miss the start for Washington and was a really good player for that for a long time to point to go with that. And we've talked and Chris Hutchinson talked about this. When a decision is made like that to play every player wants to play. There's no player coaches you wanna play. But there is a doctor and there's a trainer. That evaluates the thumbs evaluates the position that his hands are going to be in and the risk of further damage to those thumbs or to those hands, or to him physically, because he can't hold off somebody another another injury could could take place. And the doctor is involved in that decision. The trainer is involved in that decision to coach is involved in that decision. So when he's put out there to play it wasn't just John John saying, I'm gonna show you the NAMA man, and I'm going to go out there and play. There are people above his great pay and above the coaches great pay that are saying that that's not safe and he will not play. And, and we've reached that point in our in our development in handling injuries. Not just concussions, but all injuries you probably appreciate that as a coach where you can it's out of my hands. I don't want it. I want the decision when I just want the dot gimme air, nay. It's a, it's a name, we're not going to discuss it. I'm not going to sit there and argue with. With you. He doesn't play and the player going to. No, you're not playing and that's your adamant about it. And, and the coaches, I've been around and certainly here at the university of Michigan final say, is a doctor or somebody. That is, is an independent decision maker in that process at later on in the spring juicy hockey. Don't do the same same thing with your with your brother. Is that how that works McKinsey? It's a lot about, you know, at the end of the day, there's a lot more consideration these days about the future, the after that the thinking goes way beyond just that current game or the current season. It's, you know, when you're forty five and retired. Folks want you to be remembering correctly. They want you to be functioning to the best of the abilities versus you know, we learn now more so than ever about the aftermath in the effects of concussions on people as they grow older. Which is now really at the forefront of people's thinking. So a lot of stuff is even more precautionary. And a lot of the recovery is even a little bit longer. They'll have you sit out and do a little bit extra treatment, or a little bit more arrest just to protect you for the future and for years to come. You know, when you're a dad grandpa, etc. So that you're know functioning to the best of your abilities for the rest of your life, not just for the Stanley Cup finals, but apparently the in the finals, so kid have your wires Chuck Schumer broke joy got there and play anyway..

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