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Couple of meeting this morning going back you hurt sit sports Sunday yesterday or just follow me on Twitter at sid Rosenberg Facebook. Sid Rosenberg on Instagram. Sid Rosenberg, you know, the experience with my family at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, specifically, my son Gabriel, but above and beyond that when you know, the big story in this city today is all about taxes and the amount of people that are doing what I did. I did it move verse. Usually when you get older your move to Miami. I did it reverse. I came back when I was in my late forties. But tons of people fleeing the city because of the taxes the just the the unbelievable taxes many heading down to Miami. So whether it's Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat taken on the Knicks at the garden on Saturday night or the millions of you leaving the city, and we locating to Miami. Billy Joel's, Miami two thousand seventeen is a perfect way to stop this Bernie and stayed in the morning show on this Monday morning with that said good morning Bernard. Sid Rosenberg I can't wait to hear the glory that you experienced on Saturday night. I did see the pictures. You did. Yes. I wish that I had watched the game. I forgot you were at that game. You know, the game should've texted me and said, hey, check me courtside. I would've I would've been riveted. Well, you use must've been ringing because everybody we saw Danielle myself gavea sent their regards to you from Steve Sharipov to Mike Breen, of course, Britney loves you. But you know, the game didn't mean much it meant nothing for the Knicks. The Knicks have already lost sixty two basketball games this year. They are historically awful horrible. It didn't mean a lot from Miami. If you're a heap in Miami right now is battling the New Jersey. Nets who did B Boston in Brooklyn on Saturday. And the Orlando Magic for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference right now the heat owner that eighth and final spot. So when the Knicks were beating Miami midway through the third quarter that was actually a big deal for Miami. But it meant nothing to the Knicks. But the big. Night was all about Dwayne Wade. Yes. And you know, all those majestic battles Bernie over the years. I mean. When we think about the great heat. Nick, rivalries, we go back to the teams before Dwayne Wade the team to the Lonzo morning. Tim Hardaway going up against Patrick Ewing. Alan houston. Larry Johnson people Jeff Van Gundy, holding onto Alonzo mornings leg, that's what you think. The halcyon days. Right. He's a three dollar word since then, you know, you've got that one. You know, Carmelo Anthony team, but wait has been so good winning championship with Shaquille O'Neal, people forget beating Dallas in Miami than winning two championships alongside LeBron James and Chris Bosh since the Nixon not believe in all that good. So the rivalry is not the same like it was twenty years ago with Ben Gandhi and Pat Riley. But nevertheless, Dwayne Wade is at magical moments in New York there are so many New Yorkers that spent so much time down in south Florida that bottle Dwayne Wade that you would have thought this is unbelievable. You would've thought on Saturday night? You want the American Airlines arena in Miami the chance and the applause for Dwayne Wade every time he touched the basketball. You would have thought Bernie during Miami. Fans knick fans or basketball fans. I mean, they respect talent. And they, you know, they're they're graceful that way. Yeah. It doesn't matter if your opponent. I mean, he was a worthy opponent. He's a good guy. Great guy, and it was a sendoff. Yeah. He actually kissed the floor. So you saw that. Right. We were actually walking gave an eye towards that side of the court to take the pictures when he bent over and kissed the cord and just to make it quick. So the game ends and Miami wins. So I knew I was coming to town, and Tony Zell was kind enough to give me his tickets, and he sits right in the middle of the court. But by the scores table second row, the best seats in the house. Wait sweet right by the scores right by the scores table opposite the visiting bench the best seats in the house. So Corey couldn't make dinner with me. And Danielle goes, listen can't make dinner take my seat. Miami's in town. No, you covered the heat. Dwayne Wade take the seats. So we go to the game. We watch the game. Now, this is Dwayne Wade central. We saw something like this in New York with Derek Jeter. Mariano Rivera their last season was a big sendoff. They were getting gifts at every other stadium all these types of celebrations. So this was twain Wade's last game ever at Madison Square Garden in New York, which was the big deal. So after every game he takes one picture one with somebody in the stands. So it just turns out that New York jet Pro Bowl safety Jamal Adams was at the game. And that was the guy that Dwayne Wade said he would take a picture with Jamal Adams who I saw you had taken a picture with him as well. Right. He was winning take his picture. Right. So why contact Miami Heat go? Listen, listen, I know Jamal Adams peak-time star come sit a couple of your team for a decade amid New York still talking about your team, I've met Dwayne talk to twain. Likes me. So the guy with the heat goes over Dwayne Wade true story goes, hey, twain, only take one picture on the road. But Sydney's kid really wanna take a picture with you. Are you? Okay with that. No problem. Have a meet me after the game game ends the guy for the heat who remain nameless walks over to me. And Danielle said since it gives me a credential gives Gabriel credential walks us on the court to the other side of the court would Dwayne Wade is doing post game interviews and two seconds later bomb. Picture me ways such as how memories are made talk. Just like that this guy Adams did he ever get his pick? Yeah. Yeah. He did he actually took it. I mean, Gabe, then we all left together. And the story ends with this. I go home I go to bed. I wake up yesterday morning to do sit. Sports sunday. I get a text to all eight AM when the Miami Heat arrived in Boston. They've got a huge game against the Celtics later on tonight from Dwayne Wade to eight AM Sunday morning. Nice to see you. Nice to meet your son. Good luck. Danielle wake up done on the legal. The night before again, and again, so that was this descent crazy. Co guy. He's very cool. Very cool. You know, he there was this Emmanuel moody asked him for his jersey. And he said he's like, I'm sorry. He said no can't have it really moody had a big night that night to he killed in the the the heat that night. I guess maybe he thought he was entitled. Well, they do do that too. We go all these cities. He goes to they do a play called the jersey transfer to moody, not too moody. And he just out and out rejected actually caught it on tape. Wow. What after the game after the game? They say he said he was giving it to it was given to somebody else already brings one. Well, let's jerseys wearing in the game giving to I don't know y'all do some research right now. See we swapped. I can't imagine anybody on the Knicks worthy of getting his jersey. That's probably why there's no veterans Patrick Ewing was still here or give it to. As actually grabbing them by the chest. You know? Forget the jersey. Thank you sticking them up. Steve so ripple was so pissed coarser Ripa. God bless them. Knicks sixty two games are awful. But it's still a great experience. You know, the the Gordon is packed. No doubt about it. It's not a seat available. But look there's millions and millions of people in this city millions if not a basketball court, it's a stage. Right. I mean, the fact that you get seventeen thousand in a city of millions of people is not that astonishing. It's Saturday night. It's midtown Manhattan. The food is great the atmosphere is amazing. You get to go out afterwards. So when people are amazed that the Knicks sellout, even when they're bad. I don't understand why they're there so amazed. It's an event more than a game. And if the Knicks happened to win that's a miracle. So she'll ripple goes to every game just about and he's furious that knick fans or cheering for Dwayne Wade and cheering for weighed in a New York arena. As a matter of fact, Steve ship was there the day of the Super Bowl? That's right. Remember that? I do. That's all die hard. That's right. Yes. So he's he's another good guy. As a matter of great guy. John McEnroe was dick. With his hat on and his I tried to get his attention. And he saw me ten times. AM? I did his stupid television show with you. And I miss about ten times. He completely ignored us wouldn't give you what's up nothing. Patrick Mahomes, gave me the thumbs up the quick Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. All right. So you would expect that he's a class class guy. John Turturro class guy. John McEnroe, dick still. Come on. Nothing's changed. Nothing at all. So that was a great Saturday night. The Dwayne Wade Rosenberg family experience. I've got one more night to talk about Bernie Friday night. What an amazing job by Leslie slender our sales guy Jimmy and corvee his goal Mia. The Notre Dame club of Staten Island, which loves Bernard. Mcgurk loves you the bread of life event coming up April twelfth and a brave here over the name of Tom McGlynn who we lost last year at the kettle black on Staten Island. We'll talk about that later, but I gotta figure this. I feel like I just got.

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