Dr Mike, Matt Man, Stallworth discussed on Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That


Tape. Hi everybody welcome. You can bet on that. A podcast or the recreational gambler. My name is mark of all sitting across from me as dr mike. Hello dr mike. You're big jeopardy fan. You and your wife. Yeah and of course the big turmoil right now is they're trying to find a new host for the show. I'm really happy with any of them. To be honest. I am not really happy with any of them Helicopter backs hard to fall such stallworth. Yeah so. I don't know me unbelievable. We'll probably be fine. Okay all right well you wanted to talk about a final jeopardy about a week and a half ago right. The one episode. You watch was officially. The season now is on august. Thirteen right right. And there's a guy who's been on it for a while. He's very good right matt man. Yeah it's very knowledgeable. He does rub you a little the wrong way people have. I'm okay twitter and stuff. Just his attitude and my girls don't like it because he never says what is or who is he always says. What's her who's funny. Because you know the answer is you know you can bet on that. He'll say what's you can bet on that. Okay just uses contractual uses contractual. It's he's very kurt me. Does it in his regular speech when he's talking to if you've noticed okay so it's just kind of his attitude..

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