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No evidence of that. But he says the investigations continue at necking coal park on the south side. Jim goodest News Radio one zero five point nine FM. Police say a forty eight year old driver has died in southern Illinois after a tree landed on her car during a storm. It happened yesterday on all the US fifty one south of Ulan village in Pulaski county a similar incident in mound sent a fifteen year old girl to the hospital. Police say a tree fell at a park where she was playing the system of storms and strong winds left thousands without power in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky WBZ news time one oh. Eight time now for traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by the northern Illinois food Bank. And we say, good afternoon, John centuries. After noon. Andy, it's slow out there on most of our roads typical for a Saturday afternoon. Outbound Edens 21-minutes Montross too. Cook on the inbound side twenty three minutes lake cook back to the Kennedy junction on the Kennedy on the outside. It's fourteen minutes downtown Montrose, twenty nine to O'Hare inbound twenty nine minutes all headed downtown fifteen. From the junction Ike slow both ways on the outbound side, twenty one minutes downtown to Mannheim. Thirty five minutes to three ninety on the inbound side. Thirty six minutes three ninety two downtown Twenty-one from Mannheim. Stevenson slow both ways, outbound fourteen minutes. Lakeshore drive to Cicero twenty four to the tri-state thirty four to three fifty five inbound thirty six minutes. Three fifty five delete shore drive. Twenty six from the tri-state thirteen from Cicero. No problems on I fifty five. Dan, Ryan, looking good, outbound. Inbound, slow seventeen minutes ninety fifty downtown no problems on I fifty seven Bishop Ford. Outbound is clear on the inbound side. It's slow from one hundred fifteen to the Ryan seventeen minutes now, eighty ninety four to the Ryan lake shore drive. Southbound heavy from Michigan avenue, Chicago avenue, northbound Stevenson to grandpa could slow from north avenue development, once again, the bridges are up to accommodate the sailing, that's going on. And that's happening along. Chicago river downtown. And obviously there's stopping around the bridge at lake shore, drive, tristate northbound heavy from before the Eisenhower to the grand avenue, curve northwest Indiana. Eighty ninety four Sloan spots on the eastbound side from the Bishop Ford abroad way. Westbound slow from Ripley to Broadway due to congestion from an earlier crash, traffic and weather together on the eighth, every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM AccuWeather forecast for this afternoon. Clouds and some sunshine with a high of seventy seven degrees tonight, cloudy, it's a shower or.

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