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Feel that my brain is mush at this point. So I'm going to absolutely need you to carry me as we go through this. Give me someone on the braves that you're especially happy for. And it can be from Alex or Brian snick gore or Freddie Freeman, whatever you weigh you want to go. Oh my gosh. I mean, everybody, but, you know, what about wrong Washington? Getting so close when he was with the rangers, managing them. And I know this isn't a win as manager, but just being part of this team. And from all the reporting, everything we've seen, it really feels like he was a lot of the heart and soul of this team. I mean, overall, it's Freddie Freeman for sure, but it really felt like Brian snicker is outstanding, but that Ron Washington really, really carried this team in a lot of ways. Those videos of him doing infield practice with Ozzy albies beforehand everything, it's hard not to be so turtle for a guy like that. Yeah, you're right. I thought about that in the middle of the series about that, how close they got in 2011 before David freeze ripped his heart out with that amazing performance he had. So you're a 100% right. That's a great call. Let's play the numbers game. Number three. Number three is 7. So each of the last 7 World Series not played in a neutral site. So we're skipping 2020 for this. Have been clinched on the road. That is the most consecutive World Series clinched at a certain type of venue in postseason history. So either most consecutive clinch on the road or lynched at home. And it's just incredible. I mean, you obviously were there, and I, you know, got the opportunity to be at the World Series for a couple of years back a few years ago. And, you know, it would be great to see a home team clinch. I mean, it doesn't matter and obviously fans, fans travel, but hopefully we do get a home team clinch next year. Number two. Number two is 25 and two. So I really think this was a story of the World Series and really ended up deciding it home runs. Teams to out Homer their opponents were 25 into this postseason. And the braves hit 11 home runs in the World Series. The Astros hit just two. So that plus 9 home run differential for the braves was tied for the largest by any team in a World Series with the 1950s, 6 Yankees, they hit 12 the Dodgers hit three and it sounds simple to say, hey, hit more home runs than your opponent. But teams did not go undefeated in the regular season when they hit home runs. They wanted about a 700 clip. So it really seems that that comes to the utmost importance when you get to October. Number one. Number one is one. So the braves became the first team in postseason history to have an LCS MVP and a World Series MVP in the same year who were both acquired med season. Of course, any Rosario in the NLCS, Jorge solar in the World Series. And I just think that's incredible. That's the story of their season. That's all. All of the players that he acquired replacing around junior junior and keeping that team afloat. So solaris only the third World Series MVP to be acquired midseason Steve Pearce in 2018 with the Red Sox and Don Clinton in 1969 with the mets or the other two World Series MVPs. But this is the first time we've seen two of those in the same postseason. And that's the braves. That's going to be the story of the 2021 braves. Sarah, I think the braves have a chance to repeat this next year. And I wouldn't necessarily make them the favorites. But they have such a great young core and you think about the progression of Austin Riley. You think about Ronald Acuna junior coming back? Do you think about Ozzy albies, you think about max freed? I do believe they're going to re sign Freddie Freeman. Mike sirocco potentially could be back, Kyle Wright looks like he took a step forward. Maybe he's gonna be part of the staff next year. If you told me that the braves were back in the playoffs, is the national league east champions again next year. That would not be shocked to me. What about you? Absolutely. I mean, I think that this was a team that people would have picked entering this season because of all the players you just listed because we were expecting them to have mics for opa. We're expecting them to have raw in the canyon junior throughout the year. And we saw in those first few months through July, just how incredible raw and canoe junior is, you know, Freddie Freeman was talking last night about how he sees him as the best player in the national league. And he certainly was leading that conversation before he got hurt. It's really hard to pick against a team that has him and also so many other players. So I think that would be a little bit different. I wouldn't expect them to win 88 games. And when they again, I would expect them to dominate the way that people thought they might this year. 95 plus wins and potentially win it again. All right, Sarah. Thanks for doing this. Thanks for all your work throughout the World Series. Of course, thank you so much for having me. Save travel to home and thank you for everything. Bleacher.

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