Phil Murphy, Chand, President Trump discussed on The Stephanie Miller Show


Yeah in new jersey democrat scored a victory in the race for governor speaking to supporters tuesday night phil murphy said stable push back against the policies coming from the white house attacks education or a chance to gene gene is our immigrant neighbors or to portray immerse or efforts to push through a federal tax plan would hurt our state more than any other or spirited actions to our health care we lose chand which sealed fines simply say firmly say with all due respect to mr president you will not do that in the greek state of new jersey president trump is urging all countries to join forces to isolate north korea hope i speak not only for our countries flood for all civilized nations flynn i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try us we will defend our common security our shared prosperity and our sacred liberty we did not choose to draw president speaking to the south korean national assembly tuesday night i'm elliot francis twenty to provide we ninety whatever like the media before i make a save i'd like to know the facts five thousand dollars the donald trump tell me one thing about it out they never looked back getting cpt 820 where facts now the bill pressure protocol tried to talk him into changelings migrants had no my mind made up for reduction of trump's says all endorse you walk into undoing event for you the no thank you mr president not going to run so then prison terms around and houstonsan of been coward and not having the guts to wait frog who responded to bed the white house has turned into an adult daycare center somebody obviously shift.

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