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Now. And it's not just the jobs report where I just see inflation report as well and I'm wondering what that crucial Monday trading session really looks like because you're going to have the hot potentially hot numbers. I think it was like the last ten payrolls reports have been positive or big beats other than the numbers which is great for the people getting employed, but not so great for chairman Powell. Yet you have inflationary numbers that are clearly decelerating. And the margin of that has been coming down further and further, which is great as well. But those are two very different messages. On Monday, what should chairman pal pay attention to? Gosh, I mean, a, he's in a cone of silence, and he has a miraculous leaking moment. But, you know, I think he's, I think he's got to pay closest attention to what the trends are telling him. And not what something, you know, it's income tax refund season. So we've seen a pickup and used car prices. It happens every single year. People get their money directly deposited. They go put it down payment on a car. But pay attention to the fact that they can't afford the new car, as I said earlier, and instead they're having to substitute and you go to the use because they can't afford this $800 a month payment. And by the way, there's a 90 month car term car loan term that's out there. So the U.S. households in delinquency rates rising New York fed they release great data on household stress. We're seeing delinquencies rise there to bankruptcies are going up. So he has to pay attention to some of the nuances in not just what the headline is saying. All right Danielle, thank you so much for joining us, giving us a preview of what we're going to hear, potentially from fed chairman Jay Powell today in front of the house, Danielle di martino booth, CEO, and chief strategist at quill intelligence joining us live here in a Bloomberg interactive broker studio. Let's head to John Tucker and get a Bloomberg business flash. All right, the major stock average

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