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The civil war was they forced a black homeowners to give up their guns that was one way they were able to oppress press freed black slaves wish to force them to give up their gun so they could be at the beck and call of the clan and elsewhere e we have a historic reason in this country for allowing gun ownership the black community knows this very well an there's no reason to get rid of it i his arguments fail and he undermines himself by dismissing some of the core arguments but we're going to expect more and more of this from the left although you know what with people like nancy sinatra idol that is going to go that far did you hear what she tweeted i'll tell you after traffic weird whiteboard vibe wsb near the needle on the perimeter pretty by had been albany editor but i want to add magdeburg puttering around in a my white break brief beer memorial backward by the way and nobody around now hollowell parkway rebel but by late right by the way back to the riverdale wrote bob dole the autographs so nancy sinatra who is frank sinatra's daughter has come out and called for the murder of all nra members that the only way we're going to get gun control in this country is if we execute all of the nra members think about that for a minute this is someone of some note and she's getting aymen's by the way for people we'll mine they're trying to label the nra a terrorist organization and now you get eve famous people calling for the murder of in our remembers you eat it i don't think it's a winning strategy for them in 2018 to call for the murder of of gun owners or inner him but we should clarify she'd had me just go nourishment in ari members which is still a great many people i just don't think that's going to be compelling winning argument for the left come 2018 but i do encourage them deke keep it up analysis conviction is he the new as eric erickson sponsored by comcast business on wbz the wsb's clark howard is here to help you save moore's fanalert santa avoid getting ripped off.

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