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Sixty two country singer Clint black is born in Long Branch New Jersey so that makes him fifty eight black is fifty eight and on this day in nineteen fifty nine a day after the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly Richie valance in the big bopper what did the promoter of the winter dance party tour do me without his stars did they stop and mourn for a moment no the tour continued in Sioux city Iowa with Fabian Frankie Avalon in Jimmy Clanton as the new headliners and guess who's saying Buddy Holly songs Waylon Jennings anywhere around on this day in nineteen seventy four John Lennon begins his lost weekend which would last eighteen months often joined by Harry Nilsson separating from Yoko he goes on an extended Bender this last weekend lasted longer that we should do that yeah I'm sure Amy enough the would love that I'm it's a big day in the very household I have an analysis on the air but I've so very big.

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