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Can't throw the ball if you can't block. And I think that that we're going to learn very quickly whether South Carolina can block or not. Ben Shane, the evolution of Shane beamer. This is a guy that has a very modern persona when it comes to sort of how to run a football program. I like all the stuff that he does. If you beat somebody to the winner go to the spoils, you can talk some trash on social media if you want to. You control people if you want to, you can have fun with people in the media if you want to. Does he need to evolve at all or is listening to all the noise like part of his like how he may like how he builds what he's built? Does that make that question makes sense? Yeah, no, I think that that's something that sometimes we forget with Shane is like his exes that I know his knowledge is as good as it gets, right? And I think that some of that we lose it in the sense of like, yes, there's the thing about shade wasn't a hot shot offensive coordinator when he got hired, right? He'd mostly been a special teams coordinator and in his places, but he is a guy who understands his excellent and has hired a really good people around him. I think that are that way too. And I think that also is just like one of probably the most competitive human beings you'll ever meet. We talk about it all the time and as good as sort of easygoing and as easy sort of good guy that Shane is and I don't think a lot of his public persona is an act by any stretch. I think that shade is also one of the most fiery and intense competitive people on the planet and I think a lot of times people take these sort of like, oh, he's love it on his guys. That means he's soft. It's really the polar opposite of that. And that doesn't necessarily answer what you were asking about X's and O's, but I do think that this is a team that there may be not going to scheme you to death, but I do think that there's stuff that goes beyond that of beliefs and all those other things we hear in college football all the time. That's, I think, part of the reason why South Carolina has been able to punch above its weight a little bit the last few years. Ben always a pleasure, my friend, good to talk to you, buddy. Go back to the yes, the best beat in America. Appreciate it. Appreciate you guys having me. All right, but of the state. Now, listen, I will say this. I'll say it loud and clear on the Paul fine bomb show for everyone to hear South Carolina, Shane beamer, I am sorry. I was dead wrong about your program last year. I was wrong that. And if I'm wrong again, I will stand up and I will say proudly that I am a cock a doodle doofus. If I get it wrong again, but I need to see the consistency out of the quarterback. I need to see it. I want to see the offensive line develop. And I was wrong last year. Many of us were wrong last year, and we are sorry. I'm apologizing openly. But I need to see a couple more things before we start talking about South Carolina in that Georgia Tennessee, that top tier category in the east. And yes, I know the score of the game between South Carolina and Tennessee. We're going to talk gambling. How about some gambling? What is going on in college sports? Should we be concerned or is gambling a good thing? Is legalized gambling helping this process? We're going to do that and we'll take your calls, all of that next right here. Braden Gaul in for Paul fine bomb. This is the Paul finebaum show. Money ESPN radio. You were listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on car insurance? Of course he would, and when it

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