Charles, Gene Kelly, Donald Trump discussed on The Director's Cut - A DGA Podcast - Episode 67: Logan with James Mangold and Gavin O'Connor


In the same way you need to give space for your actors to do something interesting you have to think about how um how to set up action on the page that allows an interesting metaphor um i don't know if this will be it will make sense but that the that you're it's it's exactly like i figure would gene kelly was doing late at night web before he would come up with a great sequence which go like let's build a set the revolves and donald dance you know will dan on or let's do let's build these couches put hinges on a man with the three of us will do this or or let's do a rain sequence and i'm going to dance in the rain and i'm going to do the shuffle step through the puddles meaning there's some architectural sense before they arrive on sad or draw pictures that i have i have an angle for how to do something that's a metaphor about life that makes that somehow makes the action more than just punching and kicking and shooting so for instance that's how you have from a sequence where a charles's ability to kind of a freeze everybody gets kind of twisted into this kind of horrible mass paralysis and then you have this kind of reverse action sequencing which the hero is murdering the bad guys while they're frozen in place and that but somehow because were so hungry for something different that feels cool or lease to me because we're just so sick of the other thing which would just be the performer moves.

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