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It's Red Eye Radio. Eight six six ninety redeye he is brilliant. I'm Gary McNamara. So I'm I'm happy that the joy Behar was honest that you know, we'll smear anybody because the goal is to the reason we jump to conclusions is because we don't like Trump. We wanna. Trump out of office desperate to get him out of office desperate to get him out of office. So anything goes boundary. We we knew that. But at least she's saying, that's the point. Yeah. I mean, because when we say, we'll get criticized once in a while, we'll say, no Democrats say that's that, you know, say that's secretly in. You know, we've said that you know, when when the late Ed Schultz said that and that goes back way before Trump was even in office. Right. Whatever you gotta do do it. And we know that a significant portion of Democrats and liberals and those in the media believe the same thing. They said it. Joy Behar set it. You know, and the media keeps getting burned, but they don't care. They don't care. Tomorrow's a new day. Actually, the next story is the next story. I mean, you know, an hour later there on something else. They could burn. They don't care. And burned on on Cohen. How many times on Cohen alone? Well, two or three they don't care because they're not journalists. Right. They're not after the truth. They admitted their activists know, we talked about the whole, bud fees. Buzzfeed editor, right is emitted. A not a journalist if you don't care about the truth. You don't care when someone finds out that you haven't been truthful. Right. That's not your goal. Your goal was never to between. Fox News at the top and.

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