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Chances more salad can repeat that. We will get to Kristof whites, Nick Josie, Marino's at a club usually tumultuous, yes. He spent a lot of money but didn't show much as far as development of the club. Not to mention the lack of silverware. Certainly not last season. If he is off to a slow start during this upcoming season, how quickly can we see him at the door? If the over under is thanksgiving, what would you like? Is that a reasonable if they're struggling if they're like six, seven, not pla- you know, playing similarly to what we saw from them for large portions of last season. Could he be gone by thanksgiving or will they give him more time than that. I think he'll be gone, but I, if that's what's going on, I think thanksgiving is when they'll say, okay, you know what. Enough. I don't know. God that's tricky. What if they get off to thanksgiving is even like a holiday there is recognized. I'm just late November as kind of we're using our own barometers. Yeah, I think you might be right. Yeah, I never saw this coming. I should have sought coming what that question. Oh, no, no. When when when you say you put this together? No, when he made the appointment when they made the appointment? Josie marina went in. I had much more hope I expected more. Yeah. I'm sure everyone did this. I mean, but should we doesn't happen to Josie? Marino he wins everywhere he goes. Yeah. Should we really have though when you think about it, they did get your rope a league. They did. They got lead Cup too. Paul Ridsdale any chance Chelsea finishes outside the top six. No, I don't think so. I don't. I don't think so. Either anything's possible. I mean, what was it? They were tenth a couple of seasons ago, so I, I suppose it's possible, but it would really stunned me at a Elliott, nine hundred eighty. Anyone else hoping that Daniel storage has a good season on caps off in amazing comeback that dude has gone through so much crap and deserves a healthy season. He's had a really good preseason, but obviously that means nothing and I tweeted out did I think this was time for storage renaissance. I would love to see it because genuinely when he's in full flight, he's he's wonderful player. I really do think he he would start for me for England and and everything. But we've seen it before. I think the fact that they allowed Danny aines to move at least shows that maybe they believe inks for those. Who don't know has gone to Southampton on on a loan that could become permanent. Right. Sandra is a fair superior prayer. Yeah. But if they were worried about his health in some way, or if you know if they thought his form that they've seen in preseason was just kind of smoke and mirrors than they, I would imagine maybe wouldn't have allowed Danny ings to leave. So I think maybe they've seen something that they really believe can can be real with him at Jack j. Joseph one is the George Mendez model actually stand -able because most are saying they're good to survive relegation. What about over the years? I mean, first of all, we don't know what the model is because we're just told he's there in an advisory role, but then we save see saying that the model is a club hiring an agent who will then which congress, the rules still. We, we're saying he is not. They have knocked on that, which is hard to believe. Yeah. I mean, is this look for soon who owned the club have lots and lots of money. So therefore, if you have lots and lots of money and someone to guide that money in the correct locations than yes, this is a sustainable model in the modern era, right? The problem being when he leaves, does it all just crumble. He's there and visory capacity. Andrew. He there's no leaving. I don't know. I feel like we need to do more investigative work. Now..

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