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Twelve on Colorado's morning news money news time with Pat and more coronavirus money could be on its way that is the word from president trump anyway he says a very generous relief package is in the works president tell scripts news details are coming in the weeks ahead he didn't say how much money Americans might be getting course in March as you remember and hopefully you got the check Congress approved up to twelve hundred dollars for most Americans there's currently another measure with about three trillion dollar price tag that's passed the house but stalled in the Senate a decision to extend the culvert nineteen closure of the U. S. Canada border it's gonna cost a lot of dollars whether those are green backs loonies businesses in the United States close to the border say they are suffering because many Canadians come to the U. S. for better deals but harder here is Canada's tourism industry which depends on American customers Steve Overgaard has run L. Britta adventures for forty years but he says he may not see forty one if I don't open up September forty years of hard work my family is a family run deal is going to be done I'm not lying about this is the way it is Overgaard says ninety percent of his customers are from the United States Jerry bomb Garten fox news talk show up this morning but not by as much as they were a little bit earlier still a turnaround from being down and with the futures overnight comes after the White House walk back a comment from trade adviser Peter Navarro Navarro said that a U. S. China trade deal was dead and that sent stock futures lower overnight that president trump contradicted Navarro saying the trade talks with China were continuing right now the Dow is up about a hundred fifty points the nasdaq is up AT the S. and P. is up twenty two you know the drill on washing your hands right to you're supposed to have a song in your head to make sure you wash long enough I like this version okay to go along with the Beatles right well apple thinks you need some help though and maybe this will help you sell more apple watches a new feature on the apple watch not only detects when you wash your hands it's such a timer for the twenty seconds that the CDC says is required to avoid spreading germs that's money update coming up at a forty two Water gateway newsradio.

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