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Oh i see myself as a boy on these streets as i walk now is the man i'm the spitting image of myself how like myself i am this is why i do not believe in time how could i if i feel the presence of the boy as completely as i do the man in many ways more completely since the boy is more completely realized he only existed in me over half a century ago walks with me today but it makes sense doesn't it we lived through future generations so why shouldn't past generations lived through us it maybe as much of immortality is we can expect or bear on this walk whenever i pass arrest route with high marble walls and christine ceilings i know the building was a bank 100 years ago i see the restaurant i see the bank possibly it was a trading house 100 hundred years before that dealing in horses are slaves might have been a catholic house before it was a trading house don't think of it as history rather see the horses and slaves the potbellied bankers and the careful eaters as one all of life packed into a crowded present this week on selected shorts past and present and a dangerous flirtation it was during dinner that carla harris let adler know about the note in his pocket karma when harris was late linked turtle soup into bowls out of a handsome to read and the conversation was lively leaned imperceptibly close to adler and whispered likes surprises feel in your left pocket when you can and though he wasn't sure at once was the proper time casually reached into his suit coat pocket and felt of folded slip of paper which after a minute he smooth doubt and read in his pom the slit of yellow line paper in small printed a handwriting said simply why do we all think we should should be happy i'm jane curtain and you're listening to selected shorts from pri the program that brings you great short fiction red live on stage at symphony space in new york city a memoir and a.

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