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My brothers went. There was like magazine, and I was one of the first group of women to go through there. I graduated and and they were throwing a party for me at home at a friend's house. And and there was a band, and there were parents and kids, and and someone had just given me my first Quayle lewd. Ooh, good. And which may have saved my life because here's what. Maybe out because I lost three quarters of my blood. Like, I did all it was it was, you know, and we were playing this game where the girls had balloons tied around their ankles, and you were in a couple, and you tried to pop the other couples balloons. Wow. Okay. I wish I could say, of course, no one he's ever played that game. Right. And I was cheating. I had a strapless long dress on and I had it tied around my knee. But so no one could pop my balloon. So the last we were the last two couples and someone was disguised furiously trying to step on my dress and ripped it and starting all off and was like in front of all these people, and I picked up my dress and ran to go into the the porch of sliding doors and some of them were open, and I just crashed into last like felon it fell into my leg. Which is where I lost cut the big one at. Yeah. Oh, yeah. My right, leg Gus less artery tendons. It was crazy. And god. And I just all I could do I turn to the. Band with right there. And they're all like their jaws on the floor. And I'm like, and I'm thinking that I just cut my finger, and I'm just saying keep playing keep playing keep playing. So embarrassed that I've stopped the party, please keep playing them that I turned around. And it looks at everyone in the party to staring at me, and it was like slow motion. And I thought okay, okay. This is a movie, and I'm going to scream and I'm gonna faint, and I'm gonna die. And I remember thinking that it's always screamed, and I remember falling. And I remember to seeing a lot of people's faces come in over the top of my head like seeing people with drinks and cigarettes looking over look at my face. And like it was the weirdest thing. And and then the then that hospital people hayme the ambulance over. There's blood all over I lost three quarters of my. Yeah. It was crazy. It was crazy accident that happened to me in my life. I was in the hospital for seven weeks. I missed my first year of college. I just took to take your off to two and again, this this this helped you do. The film Margaret book. Yeah. Exceed life into our. Yup. Exactly. God talk about. Yeah. That was. Yeah. For that for that one scene. That was insane any longer guns one of my favorite writers on the planet. I just I laid in a pool of blood on Broadway in seventy four th street for the whole day because it was covered in blood. And they were like, well, we're gonna take a break. Do you want to? And I was like what am I going to do go to crafty? And unlike I drip, I can't I'm just gonna say or just give me a pillow and the Teamster, and I lay on the on Broadway for the whole like for the whole fake leg like over a few feet away. Yeah. Exactly that scene was so fucking leveling movie. Yeah. That scene was an that's Kenny Kenny directed me in the he I didn't know what to idea like how do you like be mad now be be the just kept giving me different things to be each piece..

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