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Minority communities have our country right disproportionately affected in. So this to me presents a tremendous opportunity for unity like at least we should be able to come together against writing looting while while also recognizing the importance of. A Justice for George Floyd's family nobody especially by the way. Good police officers I've talked to so many police, officers that watch that are like. Oh. My God. That's wrong. Everyone thinks that it's wrong. So why can't we even come together on looting the writing, and so when I when I say this Ryan Like there has to be some level of accountability right? Like if we if I see something within my own party that's wrong or see something. I'm going to call it out just like being a father of small children like when you're raising kids and they do something wrong or they've not had to earn something with anything, they take it for granted especially if there's no level of accountability so I'm always careful because I don't want to throw political jabs like you're not gonNA. See me out there. I don't like the idea of criticizing Joe Biden because I feel because people like always not mentally dare he's lost a step I like that because that's not right like. I feel bad for him. You know I I'm not sure that that they should have put him in that situation to begin with. I tried to be different from everybody else in that way while simultaneously bringing a level of accountability both Democrats, if I see them doing something wrong and the Republicans like. A Pennsylvania there are a lot of Blue Collar Union people here in western Pennsylvania Republicans have the reputation of sort of being over the last several decades. Anti Union will guess what I'm pro worker man I come from a half of a Family Unit Democrat family and I know my grandfather busted his. And help make this community into what it what it is. Today it. I'm going stand with the workers. I'm sorry that's in the at my party does something that runs contrary to that. You Bet your ass I'm to stand up against them at this is called being the leader man that's called being a voice of the people. I. Don't and I said this on the last show and I stayed everywhere I don't care about the political solution. To the problems that we face today, I care about the right ones because that's what leaders do. That's well said and I think we need more people who who are willing to do that. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem like people are willing to do the right thing to take like you said, take the rioting and the looting vandalism and destruction. I mean come on this isn't about George Floyd anymore. People's houses are being burned down businesses are being destroyed. Your items are being stolen. What does that have to do with any sort of police brutality or or racial injustice like it's well beyond that at this point I cut a video that said that there's a war going on in this country whether we'd like to admit it or not guess what everything that I said in that video is true. The people by the way you think I cut that video just because I i. personally. I do personally believe that but. Who what I, what I stand for is drawn from the people that I talked to Democrats Republicans are like this is crazy i. don't want this stuff in my neighborhood. I've got kids that play outside you. I'm worried for their safety I don't want my house burned down with my children in it will leader please stand up and condemn this, and so you know what happened to me for saying that I had to hit pieces written on me from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette say all you know Parnell and the ad was dark. It was provocative. It's like, yeah, it was provocative. It was intentionally provocative. Guideline Yeah and say, Hey, wait a second like. Looting and rioting is no place for that in our country and by the way tearing down statues of Teddy Roosevelt and and and Saints Catholic Saints in Christopher. Columbus I'm sorry that's my history to you don't get to do that. You don't get to make that decision for me, and so you know what it's. It's important to recognize what that's all about Ryan being from Pittsburgh. It's like look where all steelers fans, right We wear our jerseys to church on Sunday. But if if people came along and said, you know what all those seventy super bowls, steelers want all the blood sweat and tears investment super bowls by the fans the coaching staff and the players did not happen right and we're GONNA take the Super Bowl trophies, outta Heinz field. We're GONNA take those players out of the hall of fame. We're GONNA pretend like a seventy didn't happen. Of, course, everybody that grew up a steelers fan is gonNA still love them because being a fan as into the very fabric of our DNA Guess What my children didn't have that experience will love them less in the next generation after that. Probably, not at all, and while Republicans and Democrats quibble over what statute should be torn down. The long game that these people are playing by a racing art history is making a lot easier to change two or three generations from now by. By by setting the conditions for people, the subsequent generations love our country less in an I I'm not okay with that. You know because you know people that are race history are doomed to repeat it and yet while America is certainly not a perfect country, we've made our mistakes. I. But I believe that this country is exceptional precisely because we always seek to to to you know make course corrections. You know while Slip Avery was legal was was common practice all around the world. This country fought a war they gave hundreds of thousands of America's sons and daughters to the right just 'cause the end. I'm sorry I think that's pretty darn acceptable. So are perfect note. But show me a country who is perfect and so Yeah. I mean I stand up and I find those cultural battles because I think they're important for subsequent generations because that's our job is to make sure as parents right. But also leaders of a families and leaders in our communities to make sure that our children inherit a better country than we have, and if we don't stand up and fight for that country and what was in the best interest of that country. Again, recognizing that we we have black marks in our history that of course, we need we should be proud of, but we always seek to rectify the..

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