Giuliani, Attorney General Xavier Javi Harvey, Sarah discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Did a poor job of saying what they knew when they knew it, and they were not consistent in their message about the virus, says Georgia State communications professor Holly Wilken. There is not been one clear, concise, consistent message delivered to everybody, she says. There was the issue of a new virus in the fact that so little was known in the beginning. So the challenge Woz how do you both get the information out in a timely fashion? On but also be aware of the fact that what we know May change Sabrina, Cuba 95.5 WSB President elect Biden is prepared to nominate California Attorney General Xavier Javi Harvey. Sarah to be is Health and Human Services Secretary 62 Year old has served his California stop Prosecutors since 2017. He served in Congress for more than 20 years and was once seen as a potential house speaker if confirmed by the Senate, But Sarah would be the first Latino to hold the roll reporter at O'Keefe says. But Sarah's defended the affordable care act in court. Yes, reports Biden will name mass general Infectious disease Chief Rochelle Wolinsky is the new director of the Atlanta based CDC. He's expected to ask Dr Vivek Murthy to serve as his surgeon General Re. Giuliani is hospitalized in D. C. With coronavirus. The Giuliani is thanking well wishers after contracting the coronavirus. President Trump was one of the first to tweet about Giuliani's diagnosis and said he hopes the 76 year old gets better soon, Reporter Nicole Killian says Giuliani was in Atlanta Thursday at a hearing of the state Capitol Democratic State Center. Elena parent calls out Giuliani for his quote, blatant disregard for public safety, she tells CNN Giuliani put Georgians in Danger Your Children Playing mini golf in Florida die when a Chevy truck veers onto the course in Panama City Beach, four and six year old siblings were killed. They were in town from Louisville, Kentucky. Police I d the driver. He's local charges are pending actors Robert Downey Jr. And Don Cheetah will honor the late Chadwick Boseman at the MTV movie and TV awards. Greatest of all time, the way he lived his life United people behind a higher purpose. That will be his legacy in the Black Panther stars named Hero for the ages. Bozeman died in August of Colon Cancer ws produced time 6 18..

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