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NBC pushes out out, he goes to Amazon, surprise there is herb street joins him when it looked like it was gonna be tri Aikman and then Sean mcvay, but it was Kirk earp she adds another gig. So he joins Al and then Mike tirico obviously takes over for Al. And then the biggest bombshell of them all is that Tom Brady signs a ten year $375 million deal to become fox's lead analyst and makes this weird situation with Greg Olsen who's on the pod last week. If anybody missed it in terms of the season, the season came and I don't think the differences, the ramifications, the what was I thought the significant thing was I think buck and Aikman really elevated Monday Night Football. Other than that, I don't know if they're full out was significant. But there was a couple of months they were it was complete anarchy with the NFL announcer. So that was my story of the year. Great time to be us. Yes. We could feel like Bill Carter did during the, you know, late night wars. When all that felt very, very important. So I'm with you though. I mean, this is one of those things and we could say this about any transaction in sports media or really anywhere else. The transaction is often more interesting on its own than what the result of the transaction is. And NFL viewing experience, this fall really changed all that much. The only difference I feel it is on Monday night because I haven't watched the Manning cast all year because I've been Troy and Joe there and I just leave it on. I don't think about it. But that's been the only I would say that's the only difference. Yeah, and I'd say the crews right now top to bottom of the a cruise are really good and I've said I think a couple times this is like the best I remember them being in my lifetime again there's not a real weak spot there that you can find but just in terms of look, there was a lot of money, there was a lot of interesting little power moves and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, what was that about? I mean, there was a moment where you could say, okay, Fox has figured out that announcers shouldn't be paying gobs of money. So they're going to go young and bet on it. But then they just signed Tom Brady for twice what they would have paid for aiming. So that wasn't an idea. Right.

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