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From marvin 9 o'clock here's rob martir viet is partly cloudy and fifty six at o'hare there is no logic behind president trump's decision to end the daca program that from jose ventura who's with these chicago social service agency central romero they don't qualify for political system there qualify for further losses they them qualify for anything of the only thing that they got a worker producers and they are allowed to work legally the amount of states the trump administration announcing today it's phasing out the program over the next six months and leaving it up to congress to come up with an alternative the president now says he will revisit the program and protecting those young and begin immigrants that is brought in to the country illegally as children if congress doesn't act the president tweeting out today that if congress doesn't come up with a plan it will have to step in and fix it himself meanwhile the president has declared emergencies in florida puerto rico and the us virgin islands as hurricane erma prepares for landfall the declarations authorized the department of homeland security in the federal emergency management agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts in those areas chicago police deputy superintendent kevin navarro confirms a twenty five year old man died this morning while in police custody in the long dale neighborhood that founder was in custody for rao robbery he was having a medical incident our officers call for an ambulance was placed in the ambulance and by the time he got to the hospital he was a deal way navarro says the man suffered a medical event put deferred do the medical examiner for the exact cause of death he says there's no report that force was used a tough time for members of the arizona air national guard officials seen f sixteen fighter crashed this afternoon about twenty miles northwest of stafford during a routine training exercise first lieutenant lacey roberts telling abc news radio the fate of the pilot isn't yet known tonight as search efforts continued pilot goto absolutely henaish training and egress chaining it they have to renew and.

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