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Never this is always been the way that i approach my job. It's my job. And i and you know fella was an amazing show with amazing artists in it Also dance heavy show. I don't think it was as vocally heavy as it was dance heavy and it's a different type of singing because it's also choral singing so everybody's singing except for What's his name Sar who was shops magnificent. So it's choral singing so you have a whole lot of voices that can fill that thing out and if again let me make this clear no shade whatsoever but if one coral person is singing at level six or seven on a tuesday night the audience isn't gonna know that one coral person is gonna six or seven unless that person has a solo so when your initial that you can do choral work. I think you have a little more space lino. You can lean on that night. What you said is next to you in a different way but If our would go out drinking every single night have a different shell the next day so i mean he's oh god they were magnificent the match show. Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to have the best luck. I have this friend right. He goes on a dating app once he meets a woman. She's the love of his life. He marries her in three weeks. Fast flash forward like a year or two later they have a kid and there you go happily ever after. That's not my life and probably not yours either but good thing shouldn't only favor of you..

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