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The governor the authority to transfer money and suspend certain rules and laws the governor says he needs the extension to ramp up contact tracing and hire more employees to handle jobless claims senators from both sides of the aisle in Washington have started to stake out their positions as they work toward another stimulus bill to help Americans suffering during the pandemic crisis Mike Emanuel reports now that the Senate is back in session lawmakers are putting forward their ideas about what could be in the next coronavirus relief package on fox and friends Senate Republican whip John Thune of South Dakota talked about pushing for liability protection for small businesses what we come out of this and we were starting to recover and then you may get hit with all these frivolous lawsuits that end up bankrupting the company is that completely counter to what we want to see happen Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer on MSNBC's morning Joe suggests lawmakers should be hearing from the top experts on covert nineteen now US senator James Lankford says he thinks re opening Oklahoma businesses that were closed because of Kobe nineteen is coming at the right time he says some will second guess governor Kevin's decision to allow businesses to re open but he's at states hit even harder are looking at ways to follow suit the legislature has reduced its sweeping emergency powers for another thirty days the city of Guthrie is lifting its face mask requirement they got three city council voted to allow the public mask mandate to end last night eleven fifty nine PM Guthrie mayor Stephen Gatling was the only person who voted in favor of continuing the mandate but city council members say they'll continue wearing masks and urging people to do the same at Oklahoma City federal judges giving the state one month to provide more details on how it plans to train prison workers to carry out lethal injections judge Steven free ahed issued the ruling yesterday in a case in which Oklahoma death row prisoners are challenging the state's lethal injection protocols from the.

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