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And offer Your service to computers in the peninsula, countering has been hit especially hard by the Corona virus pandemic. Unlike many other transit agencies, countering source of funding and 70% of its operating budget currently comes from passenger affairs. Since the pandemic began, the system's ridership has fallen over 90%. And the agency now faces an $18.5 million budget shortfall. While Caltrain received approximately $41 million of federal Cares Act covert relief funding that money is not expected to last through December. Caltrans fiscal year ends in June. Fine said that, without Measure R R. There will be drastic consequences to countering service. Without the measure, our sales tax proceeds or some other new source of revenue, it is likely the county would have to suspend its passenger service or a minimum drastically reduce. The amount of service it provides. According to Caltrain, if the system were to shut down from extended period of time. Bring it back online could take up to two years and would cost an estimated $150 million. In addition, countering shares its tracks with a number of different transit agencies such as Amtrak, Union Pacific and the Ultimate Corridor Express, even if countering or to stop or pared down its service. The agency would still have to pay for the maintenance on tracks and equipment as a part of its contractual obligations with those agencies. Aaron Peskin is in San Francisco County Supervisor. He said that countering is too important to let it fail. Countering is a remarkable regional public transportation resource that Travel 77 miles from Gilroy, California through San Jose, up the peninsula to San Francisco. Rum and pre coded moved 65,000 people a day they congested, probably wanna one eye's environmentally remarkably sound and efficient. Is being electrified as we speak, was over a half a billion dollars of several money and has an incredible future. The proposed fails. Tanks has been in the works for over a year as part of an effort to stabilize funding for the agency and fund improvements. Ah political squabble between the three counties early in the process nearly tanked the proposal. But after certain agreements were made to reform, the leadership of the agency lawmakers aligned up behind the measure. We'll measure our our money would go first to deal with the current funding crisis, a portion would also go to other specific projects. Countering is currently working to electrify the rails so can phase out slower and more expensive and polluting diesel trains. It's also developing an equity program to help increase access to the system for low income commuters. Who have historically had difficulty making youth of the relatively expensive service. Both of those projects would receive some portion of the sales tax money. Once ridership returns to stable levels, the money would be spent on long term goals of improving and expanding the service and increasing ridership. Peskin said that even setting aside the need for code relief. The measure Our sales tax money is important to the future of both countering and the Bay Area. Kobe is going to end and when Cove it does, and this is a railroad that we predict can go from 65,000 people to as much overtime as a quarter of a million people a day. Moving folks from San Jose and Silicon Valley to downtown San Francisco, dealing with a host of capital needs ranging from grade separations to the extension of countering into the downtown core from its current northern terminus and and other improvements along the system as well as relieving the three counties. In the 30% that currently put in which for San Francisco means that will free up $15 million a year that we can use from uni operations and services. Advocates also argue that country's continued existence is important to keep cars off the road, mitigate traffic congestion and a combat greenhouse gas pollution from automobiles. Seen. 11 is the executive director of Friends of Count Train, a nonprofit that supports a reliable on equitable count train service. 11 said that at the end of the day, a counter enclosure would be devastating to thousands of Bay Area residents who rely on it when the ballot measure was at risk, and There was a question about whether it was going to get on the ballot to begin with. We were hearing lots of stories from individuals who are saying, you know, like I would need to move. I Uh, we not be able to see my Children or my parents. I would need to change jobs, just a tremendous amount of disruption that would happen in peopleslives Measure, R R will be on the ballot in San Francisco, San Matteo and Santa Clara County this November. It requires an overall two thirds majority to pass. I'm Scott Baba Pacifica radio KPFA thie US is nearing a reported 217,000 deaths from Cove in 19. As the number of cases is surging again, especially in Midwestern and mountain states. Smaller rural areas have been among those hardest hit. The country recorded more than 1000 deaths from Covad. In the last 24 hour reporting period, infectious disease specialist Dr Anthony found, she is criticizing a declaration by a group of scientists that supports the concept of herd immunity. Which the White House is using to bolster a push to reopen schools and businesses. Ouchi says backing herd immunity, the idea that his disease will stop spreading once nearly everybody has had it is total nonsense. California Teachers Association today announced the findings of a new statewide poll about school safety in the midst of the covered 19 pandemic. The poll finds parents and voters of both political parties, saying more funding is needed for school safety during the pandemic. Baby face jail in Herdman reports The pole, which was conducted by the Heart Research Associates last nearly 1300, California voters about their opinions.

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