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Yeah. 7 20. W g and good morning. Happy New Year Mike Steven in four Bob Surat this morning. Great to have you along with us here at 609 in the morning Broadcasting from downtown Chicago. But if you want me to wait, here we are. We made it to 2021 312981 72 100 is the phone number and the text line if you'd like to drop us a text. Area code 847 texted in and we were talking earlier about the last dance documentary put up ESPN about the Chicago Bulls, and we were talking about I feel like I've been I don't know. I've been triggered about my hatred for the Detroit Pistons and Maser is over there sitting around saying I'm leaving the New York Knicks Madison Square Garden. He's twitching. Area code. 847 texted in Mike and Andy was John Starks, the Piston's player. That war really short shorts. Happy New Year from married. That was John Salley, John Salley being with a bull's John Starks Was there the guy on the Knicks that always had a scowl on his face and was ready to fight everybody, right? Yeah, I believe it was John Salley that had the tight shorts and Vinnie Vinnie Johnson also the microwave. And to this day when a song by Europe comes on the final countdown. Yeah, I get angry. I mean, I like the song everyone so well, but that's what they would use at the garden at that. All right at the palace of the Palace. Yeah, Yeah, right, right. Did you ever go to the palace? I was never inside of a drug. Buy it when I was covering bears lions of the old Pontiac Silverdome was they were pretty close Silver. Don't Yeah. I feel like I need to go to more. I mean, if this were a normal time, one things get back to normal. I need to go to more. Venues more like opposing teams venues because I don't get too many of those, you know, it's kind of cool. I mean, obviously, but what I do every once in a while there is to go to these other sporting events and other other venues, but There. It's interesting to and because you get to see how they lay their stadium out what they write. What's good about there's what's better about ours. You know those kind. It's It's kinda cool. So here's my thing about Soldier field. First of all, I was going to soldier field before the spaceship landed. Yeah, the alien ship landed inside the mothership right before the hostile takeover. I was going and I loved Soldier Field because I thought the sightlines were really nice was bull exactly. Um, with the with the renovation of Soldier Field. I'm not. I've not been a fan of that ever since it happened. No. Well, they did a couple things, you know, even for the broadcasters. I know the dollar station, but I've talked to the guys the overhang on the West side where they broadcast from. You can't see punch when I go in there. Yep. You can't see the past week ago, There was a deep pass. You can't see it. There's some premium seats over there. People pay a lot of money and I was I was not sitting in one of those, but I was On the other side is walking through the concourse, and I kind of just was hanging back where you could stand and I was trying to watch the game. If it's a real if it's a bomb. If it's a point if you can't see it, you know the other thing, too, is in this day and age. Now of the fact that cold weather city's air getting Super Bowls, there is a minimum requirement for seats and seating capacity. And I believe it is at 66,000. Which is what the old configuration of soldier field was. They cut out 4000 seats. It's a 61,000 seat stadium. That's and that's small compared to others. Maybe it's very small compared to others. So I mean, I get what they wanted to do. They keep the columns get the history keep the tradition. But it just It looks very oddly juxtaposed well and it you know, to get in and out of there. It's not fun. It is a chore and like, Look here I am complaining about going on football game. I've been to a football game in a long time, but the bridge situation to go up and down and I feel like you gotta walk a couple miles to get in or out of there. It's just and think about. If you try to take a family of four, it's expensive. It's expensive. First of all, before you even have a hot dog or you buy a drink. You're looking at a few 100 bucks just to get in the building, and it's probably not the greatest in terms of seats. No. Yeah, it's hard. It's hard because it's such a Everybody loves the bears. I know. I mean, there's a bear's town. The Cubs win the World Series. It's still a bear's town. Right? Bulls do what they did. The Hawks do what they did. It's still a bear's Talia's Everybody agrees. You know, That's the one team that everybody can really kind of agree on. And in the city. It's that's the tough part about it because you don't wanna complain about because you still love the fact that they're here. I know, but at the same time, it's like I'm such a sucker. We're talking Adam Hogue about the Bears Packers game in the eight o'clock hour around 8 45, but amazed how you feeling you're feeling Ah, well, you know, the latest music's coming out of Packer camp, with their one of their better offensive lineman is not their best offensive lineman may be done..

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