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You. The Thundercats Technology Thunder Cat Technology as a premier provider of I T solutions not only for government organizations but educational institutions and commercial enterprises as a leader in cybersecurity infrastructure, unified communications and cloud technology. Verticals Thundercats, not just a reseller. They are trusted Advisors for businesses and their clients. Find out more thunder cat tech dot com. Thunder cat tech dot com. Come in a world of change. One thing stays the same. Novaks base rates have remained unchanged for a decade, even as people use more electric devices than ever before. Novak continues to keep rates low and reliability high. Novak holds base rates down even as other prices climb because you have enough change in your life. Novak, keeping life bright. Mostly clear skies out there tonight and warm above 60 degrees. Clear and hot Tomorrow mid seventies at the beaches mid eighties nineties to above 100 inland, Easy, Very slow. Cool down starting Sunday. It's still going to be hot. We lead local live from the 24 hour news room. I'm Michael Kroger. Ain't no place like a cowboy place in no time. Like a couple of times in the way like the cowboy. We have a cowboy candidate here when you're all that hungry crowd boys contain that cowboy grab ain't.

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