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And wheels with you in studio. Tell six o'clock this fine evening. We got air force hockey against Robert Morris coming up just after six thirty. So if you're going to be out and about this evening, I that is what we have for your entertainment pleasure. Speaking of that contest. Dave Toler the radio color analyst for air force hockey. Would join me in our number three. So we'll give you a little preview. And then you'll have the main the I guess an appetizer. And then the main courses at six thirty. I'll work working our way backwards chronologically since we got on the top of the topic of gas Nick Rotschild from KIRO radio news channel thirteen will. Join us in our number two. And then here in gosh. Now, fifteen minutes can Landau voice to the CC. The Tigers will join us as the Tigers are in Miami. While they're not in Miami there at Miami. They're in Oxford, Ohio there in the other Oxford taking on the other Miami tonight. So we'll get the low down from Ken Landau. In the meantime, two eight six zero zero four six if you wanna get interactive on this Friday, also. That's a good number to have. If you're going to try to win things from us. Because. That's what actually. I have I have things for you to win today. I have a veritable cornucopia at plethora if you will of air force hockey tickets very hot ticket. Normally we got a whole bunch for tomorrow night's game. So when I say a whole bunch. I mean, a whole bunch so. This is this is how we're going to do this. You got the tax line. Text your name and then either to four or five. Some of you have bigger families. So we'll do the five I have multiple pairs. I have one four pack and one five pack for tomorrow night's game. So. Your name, plus the number of tickets that you would like to win. And then I will pick random winners here in the next. I'll give you about ten minutes to do that. And then. And then I'll randomly pick the winners and some of you will be going to air force hockey game tomorrow. So there you go to eight six zero four six if you want to get in on that. In the meantime, finally, a decision has come down from the NBA, and it is not good for the Denver Nuggets. Nicole Yokich will indeed be suspended for one game. Obviously a suspension he will serve tonight because tomorrow the Sixers are coming into town and. You rather serve the suspension against the sun's than the the Sixers. So Nicola Yokich is suspended a game by the NBA for leaving the bench during the. Kerfuffle there between Mason, Plumlee and Derrick favors the other night. There is so much wrong with this. When we discuss this when it happened. The in the intent of the rule in the NBA is to keep. A little maybe shoving match between two or three players from escalating into a twenty four man, Royal rumble. Right. You you threaten suspension if anyone leaves the bench. So now at most you're dealing with ten players in most of these incidents don't involve every single player on the floor. But that's that's the intent of the rule. We cannot turn what is a scuffle into a melee. So we're not going to allow you to leave the bench. However. When you have Nicole Yokich who takes two or three steps towards what was going on in stops. Is that really what the rule is made up for? No, no, no, you go and sit back down. That's not. Okay. You can't stand up in walk and beads still twenty feet away from what's going on? What does the rules state that you can't leave the bench or that? You can't get involved. Can't leave the bench. Exactly he left the bench period. Yeah. But you're just saying that because your nuggets hater. Oh, you didn't like that guy's getting suspended for doing nothing wrong. No, no, referees and KiKi Vandeweghe. Can't sit there and go. Well, did he? Kiki Vandeweghe getting paid to do. He didn't he be able to adjudicate? These thing left the bench. He broke the rule. There needs to be reevaluated. Sure. But he wrote the rule as it's written. They can't sit there and evaluate his intention. Should they should know? Yeah. They should they have a written rule they evaluate whether or not the rule period. Look, and I'm not the only one saying this, and it's not just me saying it because I'm a fan. Fan Paul peers said this immediately following the game the other night said yeah, Yokich is gonna be suspended. But and STAN Van Gundy said the same thing the two were in agreement that the rules should be reevaluated because that's not what. The rule that he was suspended based on the rule. Period. There's no. Yeah. Maybe the rule these changed or modified. That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. And I said this yesterday, but he was suspended based on the letter of the law. Yes, should be suspended. It's like. It's like when you get a speeding ticket. If you're going five miles over the speed limit. You are speeding and you should get a ticket. Right. But some police officers have the discretion. To say. You know, five miles over the speed limit is not he's not creating a danger Tanny one. In fact, he's keeping up with the flow of traffic. I'm not gonna pull him over for five miles over the speed limit. So it's it's the. I think that idea can be applied to this. Like, yes, the rule is if you leave the bench, but if he was leaving the bench because he dropped his mouthpiece. Would he would he still be suspended? And I know I'm digressing. But I'm just saying it, but what I'm saying is KiKi Vandeweghe should have the discretion to say. Yes, he got up as as. All humans are conditioned to do. When one of our own pack is being I if something is happening. Our our instinct kicks in to get up or move towards or do something. We don't just sit in stare so Nicola Yokich to me what he was doing was on the borderline between just a natural reaction. And I'm going to go over there. No way. I shouldn't. I think he was right on that line. And to me KiKi Vandeweghe should should have that kind of discretion. But if everybody is judged on the letter of the law, then that's the letter of the law. But I think that the NBA should look at this and say, what are we trying to do here? What are we trying to do when it comes to guys leaving the bench? Are we saying that you have to absolutely stay in your seat? No matter what. Or are. We just trying to make sure that a little pushing match between two or three players doesn't turn into twelve player from each team throwing haymakers in these poor referees trying to break everybody up. So. Yokich out tonight. Also what I found a little bit. Puzzling about this. Mason Plumlee got fine more than Derrick favors did which I also thought was a little bizarre because and I went back and looked. Derrick favors initiated. The contact here. Like. Like in the the win Yokich ended up by putting going Chester cheswick Jae Crowder, and the Utah fans started booing, Nicole Yokich there and they booed him for the rest of the game. Nicoli yokich. Body the guy, but what happened ten seconds before? That was that. Jay Crowder, pushed Nicole yoga's for no reason. And it's the same thing favors initiated. The incident. Not to sound like my nine year old and my six year old but Derrick favors started. That's see. That's the problem though, is that Derrick favors started it, but the retaliation lake. It's never the guy that starts at right? Oh because grown ass men should say, I should walk away. But some people they say, Nope, I'm gonna I'm gonna go back at them. And that that's the that's where the problem is is when you retaliate you're saying not letting this go. So. Derrick favors punched him. Then there'd be an issue, but he pushed him. Come on. I pushed you all the time. Right. And you walk away. That's right. Like you should. Throws things on my head. Away. And and Paul Klee wrote about this today in his is blog. I he reports that the nuggets are in the process of asking the NBA. Why is our guy getting fined and I wanna get the the correct? Numbers here. Where to go. Oh, Mason Plumlee is getting fined twenty five thousand dollars Derrick favors is getting ten grand less than that. So almost almost half the amount that Mason Plumlee is. They'll retaliate. A simple. But is there? Is that right? Is that because we're look this is not, you know, two small children in a classroom. These are grown men. A but it's not. But I I'm actually saying it's the other thing when you have the adrenaline in the testosterone flying and stuff and somebody grabs your arm and Yanks you for no reason. You say he grabbed him and pulled him put push pulled whatever fail favors ill-assorted like he hit him. Yeah. For favors to start the thing. There was nothing that Mason Plumlee did right to instigate Derrick favors favors went after Mason, Plumlee K, and he gets fined about half the amount that Mason Plumlee does. And it does seem like the nuggets the one that they're railing against is that not necessarily Yokich thing. I think they're more in line with you where it's like letter the lie he got up. Okay. But they the discrepancy in fines to basically say it was twice. It'll fault of Mason Plumlee that was Derrick favors is just not true. I will agree that it is a large difference. It is on the large side. But it makes sense diplomacy is getting more. But it is it is a big difference. It's a bigger difference than you would expect when. There wasn't one person that was clearly like manhandling the other one right? There's not one dude throwing haymakers in the other ones. Just standing there making it. Yeah. So, but I do understand Plumbly getting more. But yeah, that's that's a little little heavy. And I'm not gonna look Paul Klee was kinda tongue-in-cheek about it in his blog posts. He's like the NBA isn't after the nuggets. Right. Of course. They're not. But I think that the NBA. Misapplied their rules. A little bit here. I the discrepancy between favors in Plumlee when favors was the instigator. I think is a little bit out of whack, and I do think. If we're going letter of the law, okay? I can't argue with letter of the law. But there are plenty of times when rules are not black and white there is some gray area. And I thought that KiKi Vandeweghe might live in that gray area. He did not and look. Nuggets are playing the Phoenix Suns. They should win with or without Yokich as valuable as Nicole Yokich is they should still win at Pepsi center against the sons, they should. But the sun's just beat the nuggets a week ago and nothing is guaranteed. So. It will. Some of the hurt. Feelings will go away if the nuggets win tonight. But I think in the moment, I think that the the NBA is wrong on a couple of different counts here. Two eight six zero zero four six your thoughts on the Yokich suspension and the Plumbly fine coming up next we'll shift gears to hockey CC after only gained to play DU wants now has a full two game weekend. At least we're expecting to see that were they need to do to knock off Miami, Ken Landau will tell you when drivetime sports continues here on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Here's an Xtra sports look.

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