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And has released a statement regarding franken's resignation which you can read on our website had qe abccom containment of the screwball fire and belair is increases firefighters start to surround the four hundred seventy five acre blazers la merrier garcetti we have spent a lot of time in the last twenty four hours getting a barrier on the west end which means now that we are 20 percent contained that is a long a supporter in the 405 a decision on when the evacuees can return home could be announced within the hour the twelve thousand six hundred acre creek byron selmar as 10 percent contained its destroy right fifteen homes damaged fifteen others twenty five hundred more homes still threatened at one hundred fifty thousand residents remained under mandatory evacuation orders the ninety six thousand acre thomas fire and ventura county is only five percent contained evacuations now ordered for all high as well as fairy up beach where the flames jumped the onetoone freeway today just north of the city of antora and now a new wild fire reported in marietta in southwest riverside county it's burned over a hundred acres contain minute zero near los alamos and liberty roads yeti officials say the getty center and getty villa which have both been closed because of the screwball fire will reopen to the public tomorrow houses passed a temporary funding bill to prevent a government shutdown this weekend and keep the federal government running through december twenty sec and congressman john lewis the democrat and civil rights icon says he will not share the stage with president trump at saturday's grand opening of mississippi civil rights museum lewis on fellow democratic congressman bernie thompson of released a joint statement that says president trump's attendance and is hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in the civil rights museum talk.

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