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And i got to lose anyway mike leigh's going to draw primary challenge a cat fold up like this and be incoherent like this than and dean heller is gonna lose and any jerry maran's going to lose all these republicans are in coherent and listened to their staffs and talk to each other and talk to their their family and their five friends and get talked into positions that have just listening to constituents and go on and meetings in they're afraid of everything they're just going to get wiped dan they're going to wonder what happen it's because voters aren't stupid voters voters can remember five years five years goes by an a sixty three months people who at one year olds be in kindergarten when it's time to vote on mike michael in utah and their healthcare was socket will because of mike leigh's fall well beef be it it's five months before dean heller as to go before the people in nevada and said the funded this system i say they'll bomber care dean heller has the campaign on save an obamacare it's not about money it's just about their jobs and they've badly miscalculated thank you my friend can you imagine men dean heller in nevada hyatt i'm dean heller i saved obamacare he's got gotta go to fourteen counties where there is no insurance hind dean heller i said the bomb care i am dean heller i saved obamacare democrats have to go out there and say i say dopamine care to but but they they mischaracterize where it is republicans now what it is and dean heller saved obamacare german around and after on for five years but in five years time jerry ran from kansas i said the bomb care and in twenty seven team not not a good situation scott columbus hours got here i just i think i think you're focusing too much on the individual who it doesn't matter who it is the problem is the problem many this is not obamacare it medicaid waylaid time out medicaid would have been devolved under this bill this is very much a prokurdish on michael e on dean heller on jerry moran dahlan's ranjan johnson they could have fix like the wall street journal says the obamacare republicans all of this could have been fixed now but.

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