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Okay teak in theory back on the football friday coming up next segment john maclean longtime writers really cool tweet that i saw the other night long time writer for the houston chronicle what are the real venerable journalists in our country and the john's great and one of the tweeds is pretty cohesive gotta get him on the show we'll talk about the shawn watson in the texans but also to astro fan since their inception back in 1962 we tweeted that out so the astros the party celebration role in the job mcleans going to stop by georgia's next segment jason lock in four was here will do our picture the sec crazy 'cause you look at the week ninth slate and in the way the season's god it it could be completely topsyturvy you don't really know what's going to happen because a lot of storylines a lot of pressure i mean they're covering the bucks they just don't look right i got to start getting something happen in the falcons you know super bowl hangar how long do they languish in in this you know mediocrity that they've been hovering in for while it all back ado the giants or in very good but you know each week somebody suspended and when you lose control in new york your days are probably over gotta keep an eye on the giants to see if they even show up and if their professional you know the raiders got to store winning some game the dolphins just traded their running back aja engaz let them up the press or the texans now without the shawn watson there's a lot of story lines so i don't know that there's a lotta great games take will certainly yeah these later but there's a lot of pertinent palpable poignant how many were piece going to come here storylines in the nfl let's leave it at trying to legal are trying to think of as trying to think of another pertinent palpable poor good what's they would that this causes thing leroy that if.

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