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PG nina. Other utilities were required. To file the wildfire prevention plans with the California Public utilities commission. Now, speaking PG a gas explosion in San Francisco shot a tower of flames into the sky and bird five buildings including one of the city's popular restaurants before firefighters brought that blaze under control. There were no injuries. Just amazing. Wednesday's explosion and fire sent panicked residents and workers in cities inner Richmond neighborhood into the streets at utility PG. And E Senate took more than two hours to shut off the gas because crews had the hand dig underground to turn it off. We have behind essay third alarm fire declared. Eighteen. Fire gas explosion. Believed to be. Well, here's these fiber optic for street. So what you see is open happiness. Trying to stop that gas leak time here we'd be declared evacuations and checked every building around the perimeter block radius. There's nothing. Within distance block radius. No injuries to report a right near the same. They're all president town for no interest at this time, still very active. The bathroom. Over the hill. Here you're coming home. I heard it much because he's in the bathroom heard more and more and more sirens. Check it out come here. Fifty foot flames fire trucks lining up. It's a little disheartening. The main runs under my story where my children they have. And if it gets like, this really sure how to turn it off PGN east.

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