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Rodney King, Mitch, NBA discussed on The Sports Reporters


Carry even more. The Day has come to confront real problems and be part of the solution. It's eloquent. It's on the point it's. It's everything you would want from. A politician, let alone. NBA Basketball Coach and good for him for saying yeah, and again this moment can't be lost. Some good has to come out of this and Mitch. It's a fair point to compare this to Rodney King but. The Rodney King Demonstrations and writing and they weren't going on in one hundred cities after that it was five horrible days in La and I I can listen to cities. It's not important where it went on across the country, and even into Canada this is this is the country on fire right now? Okay, and it will dissipate, and doc is right. It's where what we do with this. You wish there was somebody some body. Not from sports I keep hoping. That Obama would would address the country. Maybe all the ex-president's would address the country because we're not GONNA get this. All the White House wants to do is assess blame here and actually get people to think one. Terrorist organization. Think about that. Mitch they organized this whole thing. That's pretty good. That's pretty good because I want to ask I want to ask you a question about a very interesting point, I.

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