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It's funny, I, I've heard you disparage. I think it's gonna rain today a few times. You're mistaken about that. But it's funny because like lonely at the top, which is also a wonderful song is a song that is more Randy Newman e. In that it is like, I mean, I guess you must have had the idea that Frank Sinatra wanted to send himself up. Yeah. I did. I say this would really be hit for him, you know, to make fun of that leaning against Lambeau stuff, but he is leaning against Lambeau stuff. Eighty more. Make fun of it. But you know, it's a, it's a, it's a very emotional song, but it is. It is couched in a little bit of rhetorical irony. Whereas I think it's going to rain today is a sad song about being sad. Yes. And I wonder if you. If you have explained to yourself that it is less artful or less Randy new mini to just say thing in the way that almost all popular songs do. No, I would love to do it. I may have in the bishop's psychological indications or something that tilted me in another direction of not saying, I love you. You love me. No, you don't. I interested me less as what I say now, maybe it's that I couldn't think of things to say. I have a lo- love meter or something, but. Fix rain bothered me slightly. I stopped doing that disparaging. It's ridiculous. It's very good song. I mean, I think but it bothered me because it felt like. Slightly sophomore issue, kind of winding to it. Popular song is for sophomores, but you don't have to. You should emulate their best stuff or gear stuff to the best of babyish wining. And I've done tons of babies whining even now when I'm hardly a sophomore. But that's what bothered me about it. But. It's probably my best loved lower like song. I think I wanna play Barbara Streisand team, and I think that this is you playing the piano and this. This was recorded forty five years ago or something, but came out just a few. Skin, creams, tryst. With. To face. Two. Restraints good at singing, she sure is. And. When we did that, I didn't take it was very good. Really. Not that not playing piano. They're being so sensitive and I'm not sounding half the notes that play, you know, little too sensitive, but, but I heard it when she did it again. It is really good. I thought it was not a good version of. At preconceptions about our that she really couldn't sing to a backbeat. While fits rain is not a rock and roll song. Sort of has a beat to it. But it's a really good version of it. One of the best I, I have another version of it, but I wanna play. Maybe my favorite singer of singers, Nina Simone. Well, and you know Nina, Simone was an artist too in in a funny way was right in your wheelhouse and that she straddled classical music folk music jazz, and Orrin be all pretty slick. She was. She had one limb in each of those corners. And it's funny to hear like the kind of direct emotionality you're not confident about in your own songs. That Barbra Streisand is so extraordinary at presenting in her way and to hear the way that Nina. Yeah. Broken windows and Mt. Hallways pale. In a sky streaked with gray. Humankind. Flu in think it's..

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