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My name is Keith. ASSUMPTA I'm just introducing. And I'm an actor entrepreneur, producer and Creator Co Create Co founder of sugary. Dot Com and you know what happened. Three years ago was I had a child in my belly and I was searching for a space. I saw my likeness. You know and also not only just my likeness, but where everything didn't feel like it was death, doom and destruction for me. You know whether it was the statistics of me. You know because my parents got a divorce. I probably wouldn't make it with my Arner or simple things like dot deaths within childbirth, real situation and I, just like I've seen so much negative around black and Brown Mama's women of color. That I wanted to shine light on the things that were glorious about motherhood for us. I didn't want us to just be a community or feel like what was out. There was just surviving the thing rather than thriving and enjoying it like. Everyone else. Regardless of we think our kids are terrorists are not We should be able to say that with the same validation that everybody else has so That brought me to actually meeting ties through a mutual friend, and we sat together at a place called Soho House and we she. She ordered a blast. This champagne and I

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