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Math teaches asian woman is goals an an and i'm not good at math miss you wait in his he goes ha ha ha though believe stereotypes i'm standing there were two drinks my asia stared at her like okay read her white husband comes over goals bush seeking drive i'm like augured is is like get obviously go yes the news will be this thing accu really draw by serbia nascar driver i'm like okay all right can does he goes you got to drinks in your hand and like yeah i'm trying to get away to take it to my wife she's outcome what you i'm like i cool a turnaround she was gone other did mother astronomy up every goddamn with full what is crazy because you one wrong move in that situation buddy andy hicks it'd be misconstrued if i would have laughed at her asians yolk about man i don't know what to do nothing to resolve the problem rotocol anymore so harunori isis would like someone to assassinate the president is a very minimal very amongst us make jokes those are the amount ejup but whiten is planning whatever gain is like we make these jokes i dunno your for you to be running a balmy makeni's very terrible joke by the way you have to understand it's like these people are probably around like liberal politically correct white people from all the time and they're finding around a black guy right now like fucking can make a joke without these people pretending to be offended ray so they're rusty they haven't gotten out her.

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