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$99. Traffic and weather on the AIDS to Rick McLaren, the W T O be traffic center Capital Beltway still moving nicely all the way around through Maryland and Virginia. No issues reported no delays. No work zones yet. I, too 70 year. Good to and from Frederik up in Hagerstown and work zone along the westbound side of ice 17 year route 65 Sharpsburg with the left lane, Take it away. No problems reported on both. I 95 in BW Parkway route 50 still moving well, both inside and outside the Beltway. No problems across the Bay Bridge, three lanes west into Lane's East. Had a crash reported in and around El County, affecting South Bell root for after root for 08 way since corner that might be blocking the lane or two That over to Virginia 66 might get a few slowdowns heading eastbound through the work zone, laying shifting after a route 1 23 through Oakton. And 3 95. No problems there 95 no problems on the Virginia side of 95 to and from the Springfield Interchange was found to 67 after the Beltway. The right lane is still taken away with the crash cleanup. We also have a work zones setup in Santilli. Effecting North bound 28 between route 50 McClaren Boulevard with the right lane taking away Totally work going on down in Leesburg, all lanes of King Street's closed both ways Market Street. And no problems traveling through the district. Good on the freeway. Both I and D c tu 95 are still moving Well, Rick McClure, w t o p. Traffic and now to Storm Team four. Meteorologist Samara Theodore overnight affront is getting ready to push through the region and that means we do have some rain chances. At this point. It looks like it's weakening the closer.

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