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Plane woman with two smooth bands of reddish hair with no good Beecher. Now, we have to remember that he was talking to his wife Higginson wrote. She makes all the bread for her father only likes hers and says quote and people must have put in. Playwright Thornton wilder talking about Emily Dickinson and reading some of her poems. January thirteenth nineteen fifty one. At New York's ninety second street, y I can see a woman white the upstairs of our house an afternoon's dorm. She goes upstairs window upstairs window watching to moat outside. The storm is over and it come by her dog. She goes into garden in the woods the back of the house. And she listens to the new silent and one bird three. She comes back for dinner. She cooks famous Charlotte russe for her father after supper, she reads, aloud to the Springfield Republican. And then she slips up upstairs. The women took up the northern things and pile them in the south. Then then the east upon the west Higginson and discouraged her to publish when she first submitted to him saying that her verse was a little awry, she ride him. And she said you call my gate spasmodic as though the rhythm was off in her poetry. She says you advise me not to publish and she says that his far from my ambitions as Ferber too thin as as a fish on land. He saw publication that she wanted to be published. But at a certain point, she recognized that publication is the auction of the mind of man, she she wrote that she didn't want to have to sell out not selling out for her was doing her self published job of organizing these facet goals and getting them into the draw. Four and that was going to be like a scene. She knew it the end of eighteen sixty five teach writing almost the equivalent of opponent day, Margaret O'Brien leaves..

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