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By Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red To Ben Rabin All right sandy nationals ramping up a busy stretch with 14 games in 13 days and a pretty rough stretch overall but the nationals at least ending it on a positive note this afternoon Swinging a slow bouncer left side charging in Garcia he gloves he throws on the run Belts got it and the game is over And so is the 8 game losing streak Congratulations to Jackson tatro His first major league win after 7 strong innings and the nationals win going away They down the Phillies by a final of 9 to three on a very happy Father's Day Dave jagler final call on 1500 a.m. and yeah how about Jackson tatro with 7 innings he allowed three runs but none earned as he picks up that milestone win Juan Soto Mikel Franco among the offensive heroes for the nationals both home in the wins The nan snapped that 8 game skittle well deserved day off at long last tomorrow and then up the road they go in the coming week as they'll visit the Orioles Orioles in action today they're leading the Tampa Bay Rays two to one in the 5th inning and Camden yards U.S. open final round Scotty scheffler your master's winner he is tied with Matt Fitzpatrick atop the leaderboard in the final round at the U.S. open both are at four under par scheffler with back to back birdies to open his final round John rom and Matt zeller Torres meanwhile both just one stroke back Rory McIlroy in the hunt as well two shots off the pace and in the WNBA third quarter of the mystics continuing to lead the Connecticut sun now 50 to 37 Ben raby WTO P.

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