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Three seven sixty six sixty six i'll give you my pigs for poultry game sevens lot more on the baseball and i was thinking about this recording klay thompson best player in nba history to never be the best player on his own team there are a couple that come to mind think about this mark i'm gonna ask you about it a little bit later on here is update that mark jj nothing do for the enke's pummeled by the ages eleven fours the halo score ten on answered sunny gray give a five runs on seven hits over three and two thirds give it back a four one advantage and tommy canley struggled in his first appearance since april twelfth four runs to them earned in two thirds of an inning i thought he looked ok sprain his fastball still a little bit you know we had a chance to maybe turn a double play behind him and then it kind of gets away but you know just kind of general command with the fastball and and that means more a lot of pitches on the white part of the play in that got him into some trouble aaron boone on series finale today masahiro tanaka and garrett richards pregame begins at twelve twenty five brewers punish them at seventeen to six pounding on nineteen hits jason vargas it around for five runs on six over three aj ramos more futile the fire three runs at two thirds of any chris flexing gave up seven his two innings they've been mickey callaway to try to pick up his club just continue to support everybody has bad games we had several that had bad games on the same time tonight so it kind of skewed.

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